French Stamping Love!

6:00:00 AM

I was shopping in Michael's Craft Store 
(for my 4th trip this week)
and I made a fantastic new discovery....
(this is not a paid advertisement)

 and these...

and these!

Some of you that are big into stamping may know all about this...But I had never seen this ink before...
and check this out!...

 StazOn really stays on!
I tried it on fabric.... it worked great!
I even ran it through the washer and dryer too!
(they tell you it is not for fabric, maybe it runs... but it didn't!)

 I tried it on wood... another score!

Check out the detail, it doesn't run! And the
image is really bold!
Don't you think this would look great on an old crate?
Much easier than stenciling... 
and the stamp images are sooo cool!
Next I tried it on ceramic... this was the big test...

It was a little slippery stamping on the round cup...

But hellooooo, it works great!
I absolutely love the way this comes out...

 Now the package says... and I quote...
"Appropriate for all surfaces. Designed especially for use on plastic, metal, glass, ceramic, laminated paper, coated paper, and leather. (Not recommended for fabric)"
Dries in 3-5 minutes on non-porous surfaces.
I would however, not put the printed cup in the dishwasher!

But I will certainly be trying this out on all of the 
above surfaces... My mind is going a mile-a-minute
trying to think of what to try next....
Stay tuned for the exciting other places I used this ink!

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  1. Well that is awesome. So many uses.


  2. Gonna pick some up today. Headed to my local AC Moore.... Thanks!

  3. I love StazOn ink pad, so versatile, I used them on some tea towels and wood recently, just loved the results!

  4. Oooo fun...glad you discovered it! I'll have to add this to my "Michaels List"...which is always growing :) Chat soon, Laurel

  5. I'm gonna RUN not walk to my nearest craft store for that goodie...well after I'm done work anyway! I can think of a bigillon things to do with it! Thanks for sharing!

  6. WOW! Thanks for sharing your great find with us. I love stamping so I will be looking for this at our Michaels tomorrow when I go into town. Can't wait to see what your come up with . You are so creative. Have a great day.

  7. I love the mugs! I have some of that ink at home and I had a custom stamp made for my ETSY shop. I stamp the bottom or back of my items. It works good on plastics, but like you said it slides a bit.

  8. I really like how the mugs turned out. Next time I have a Michael's coupon I will have to pick some up!

  9. You did a great job1 I love how it looks on the mugs!

  10. Hi there! :) Newest GFC follower from the blog hop, here - love your blog! Would love a follow back! :)

    The Kid Is Rich
    Educating kids and teens in running a business and making money.

  11. Love how you used them on the mugs!!

  12. I luv staz on been using it for years, I know it says not for fabric, there are other ink for stamping for fabric in all kinds of shade.
    don't forget to add it to our linking party this week

  13. Those have come out really well.
    I discovered at Christmas that Stazon won't stay on duct tape, but so far it is the only thing I have found it doesn't work on.

  14. I really like the mugs. You have some great looking kids. I am following you from the Meet Me on Monday blog hop. Hop on over and follow me.

  15. How cute! It looks great. Thanks for letting me know about that ink. I haven't done any stamping in awhile, but I do have some stamps, and I'm in decorating who knows. After seeing some of your ideas, I might be getting some back out.
    Thanks for linking up to my Organizing Mission link party.

  16. Hey, there! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my faucet! I definitely saw some that were similar to mine of the 1-hole variety! This is so great - I never thought to stamp on mugs! How fun to make personalized gifts! :)

  17. Your mugs look great! Love the numbers... And I love stazon. It really is great what you can mark with it.

  18. Love it on the fabric! Looks gorgeous!

  19. Wow! I'm going to have to keep an eye our for this ink - thanks for sharing.

  20. Hi nice blog. New follower come by for a visit and follow back at

  21. Neato! So I see you follow instructions about as good as I do. :) Do not use on fabric, but what the heck! Right! I love pushing the boundaries just a bit...keep things interesting don't you think?
    I think the cup test was my fave, those are awesome!

  22. I did not know about this ink...thanks so much for sharing, the coffee cups are too cute!!

  23. let me get this right. you bought all of it at michaels? i'm going tomorrow to buy all of this if you did! i love stazon, i've used it before, the stamps are awesome! i want mugs just like those for my bottle dryer! thanks for sharing this at my party! would you like to be a guest blogger this summer? i'm doing one guest post per monday for the next few months. thanks!!!

  24. Wow! I have been stamping for almost 20 years and never have I stamped on those items. What an excellent idea and oh so now!

  25., love, love the mugs!

  26. Thanks for the great tip! I've been planning to try out stamping with ink for a while now (especially on fabric) so now I know what product to buy! It looks so great on the fabric. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  27. Oooooooo! I am no good at stenciling, but this looks like something I could handle! I cannot wait to try it! Good find!

  28. Wow I am amazed at what all you can use that ink on! Your mugs are super cute!

  29. That's why I love I can find out about cool stuff like this! I'll be on the lookout!
    Thanks so much for linking up to Terrific Under Ten!

  30. I am totally blown away. This will be a new fun project or should I say tons of projects!
    Smiles, Alice
    Ps I am your newest follower. Found you on jms

  31. I had no idea StazOn worked on so many surfaces. I'm probably going to be stamping everything in my house now. Thanks for linking to Home Decor and Organizing.

  32. Those are great stamps. This post gave me an idea to decorate my husband's French press. :) Thank you for linking this up to my Weekend Warrior party. It has taken me awhile to get around to visiting everyone but I am so thrilled to have people join in the fun and I hope to see you again next week! :)


  33. Thank you so much for stopping by and linking up to {nifty thrifty sunday}!
    I hope to see you again tomorrow!

  34. Cute mugs! I saw a similar idea but it used a stencil and a sharpie, she baked the mugs afterward to 'set' the ink. I'd still wash the mugs by hand to be on the safe side.

  35. I'm stealing yet another idea of yours; thank you for being a font of fantastic inspiration!

  36. Thought I would look around awhile till I came to something I didn't fancy.... been about 15 minutes and it's looking like I'm gonna have to read every single project you've done!



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