Friday, June 24, 2011

Grandpa's Barn Sale

Driving down the block in suburbia I saw a sign for
"Grandpa's Barn Sale"...
But we have no barns... 
Where's the sale?

Drove to the address on the sign, still no barn... 
but in the backyard of a split level house...
Grandpa dropped his goods!
I bet Grandpa would be surprised to see where I put the "old rustys"
I came home with today...

Old rusty cogs and wheels...

Rusty children's shoe forms...

An antique level...

Milk glass filled with rusty files and stakes...

or some old weathered spindles...

old mason tools...

All came together to make a junk style mantel.

I bet Grandpa would be so proud!
I guess it really was a "barn sale" after all!


  1. Nothing like the grandma/grandpa sale finds! Love the mantel....toolie! lol

  2. Grandpa would be proud!! The mantel looks fabulous. I love all of the rusty metal with the whites!!

  3. That is awesome! Great stuff! Jealous over here.

  4. My dad would love this type of stuff!

  5. Who needs a barn? Those are some great finds.. From all your goodies it looks like it would have been a grat sale to be at. Love how you displayed them on the mantel. My Mr. P.would have loved to beat you to those treasures. Have a great day.

  6. WOW LADY! You sure have a great knack for making old rusty stuff look fabulous!

  7. Love it all. I would have followed that sign for miles and miles:-) What a wonderful way to display all those old rusty treasures. They look so good with the whites.

  8. 'Rust & romance' ~ the new improved 'leather & lace'
    'hugs from afar'

  9. Great finds! I have some of those very same items in my shop on the farm. Love the way you showcased them!

  10. I LOVE the arrangement on your mantle! Magazine-worthy!

  11. You got some really cool things!!

  12. Oh my, I love shoe forms! Those are awesome. What a great find in 'suburbia'!

  13. Grandpa really had no idea, did he? :) What a day for you!! Looks awesome.


  14. I love how these look together! You made it look really nice on your mantle. The shoe forms are my favorite.

  15. Woah nellie! What a haul! Love the fun ways you found to display everything...there is beauty in everything!

  16. This is very creative. Who would have thought that you can use these metal parts and make them into ornaments for your mantel.


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