Monday, June 27, 2011

Large Pillar Candle Holder

Look very carefully when shopping around, always ask yourself...
What else could this be? 

What if I paint it?
 How would it look white? 
Or black? 
Can I turn it over and use it?

This was from Marshall's $3.99... 
(selling the same ones only larger in Ballard) 

It had little pads on the bottom for feet....

funky resin color
But I don't need a pedestal....

What about if I turn it over, remove the pads,
and paint it white?

And add some antiquing glaze...
 (I'm a new fan)

Then I added a large pillar candle from Ikea...

 And WOW! 
Just what I really did need, 
a large pillar holder for my deck...

and the cool French veggie crate can be found here...
I always look twice and think outside of the box! 


  1. Perfect, Susan! I do that ~ I stand in a store looking at something thinking how I could use it. I'm sure people going by wonder why I'm looking so intently at whatever it might be, but that's what I'm doing. Either trying to figure out where I could use it or how I could use it in my home.

  2. Love it Susan. I have that same pedestal. Of course I am using it as such. But maybe not anymore, huh? Love the antique finish on yours. Looks great.

  3. Wow, that looks fabulous! It looks just as right as a candle holder as it did as a pedestal!

  4. That looks really cute! Good job.
    Thanks for linking it to my Organizing link party.


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