Tuesday, June 28, 2011

An Old Pail

 This old pail has served its purpose.
I found it in the shed and was ready to throw it away...

But wait!
How about a little silver patio paint...

And some antiquing glaze...

Everything old can be new again with a little paint!

A little paint can breath new life into something old...
Happy painting!


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  1. Love your "new" pail and the way you hung it on the door with the frame. Very creative!

  2. Love it with the frame! Nice job!

  3. hiya susan , love love love this idea , a new take on a wreath , being able to change out the flowers any time you better take it in a night cause i know where you live !!! lol
    happy crafting

  4. Hi Susan, love your new creation, I would love to put one on my front door but, we have a very small overhang and I am concerned it may get too wet. I could hang it on the inside of the door.hmmm
    have a great day,

  5. Linda restauração! A moldura com o balde se encaixaram muito bem.

  6. I love getting something "new" with a bit of paint ;)

  7. Love it. And I love it hanging on the door with the frame. Very clever. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  8. Looks fabulous! Love the way you hung it on the door with the frame. Thanks for linking up to this week's Catch a Glimpse party.

  9. Love how a bit of paint has transformed it into a gorgeous piece of homeware.x

  10. beautiful! may get some of these when they get marked down at Michaels, repaint them and use at Christmas...great idea!


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