Gazebo Bunting

7:36:00 AM

I usually put up paper bunting in my gazebo for party decorations... 

I was thinking it would be nice to have some 
I could hang up permanently... 
or at least some that wouldn't get ruined by the weather...

The curtain fabric I fount at Good Will would be perfect....
I just love this fabric! Ballard has the same one!

I cut out triangles from the hemmed edge, 
nothing too perfect, 
rough edges.... just easy and fun!

I sewed the triangles to white stretchy seam binding...
another GW find!

until I had lots and lots and lots of pennants attached...

Then I hung them in my gazebo for a pretty & festive look!
Weather-proof too, at least that is what I was thinking....
But does that count for hurricanes?
Unfortunately Hurricane Irene is headed right for us...!!

The whole gazebo top might have to be taken down this weekend!

But for now anyway it looks great with the white lights and the new candelabra....

and matches all my cushions and pillows!

 Wish us luck this weekend while we prepare for Mother Nature!


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  1. Susan love the checked bunting, so grown up but still fun. We too are 'watching' for Irene and won't be on the beach on Sunday for the Art Show - hopefully rescheduled for next Sun? Be safe.

  2. LOL! I love the hurricane warning bunting. I do like bunting when I;m having a's so cheerful. Lisa~

  3. Susan, love the bunting. Can't go wrong with black and white check. Please be safe and take care if Irene does reach you. Keep us informed as to your safety.

  4. I love the bunting. Keep safe this weekend.

  5. Susan.... I live on the SE coast of Florida. As I type this, it is windy and raining outside. Having been through many hurricanes, I personally am breathing a sigh of relief that Irene is passing to the east. I am, however, pretty concerned for you and my northern friends! I know you probably do not deal with this often, but please prepare!!! Your location is worrisome regarding storm surge. Stay safe.

  6. So cute- I love how it came out! The checkers are darling. Stay safe!!

  7. The hurricane ones would be perfect for the front door! I am also gearing up for Ms. Irene... I was 6 the last time my state (CT) was hit! I'm a new follower from boost my blog Friday! Check me out and follow back at

  8. DH is outside now taking our gazebo cover down! I hope it is like Earl last year, or at least not as bad as they say!
    I know many people here are leaving, but we are staying. We are high up so I am not worried about the Bay on our property, but the wind!
    Stay safe, Susan!

  9. I love your bunting! Oh, so sorry the hurricane is coming your direction. The weather this year has been absolutely crazy EVERYWHERE! Batten down the hatches and take care.


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