Friday, September 23, 2011

Printer's Block Pillow

Am I the only one who buys things at the 
thrift store and has no idea what I am buying?

I think it is some kind of print block...
I asked the art teacher and she thought it might be Chinese.

It definitely has some damage...

I tried printing with it to see what I'd get...
I pounced on some black paint with a sponge brush and 
pressed it down on fabric...

and wow! a print!

I tried printing it on other fabrics with different textures...

Then I tried painting the print...

 I'm not sure what I was painting but 
it came out looking pretty nice...

Almost looks like a zucchini, don't ya think? 

I added some piping and it made a cute little pillow!


it all started with paint


  1. Now that is soooo cool, Susan! Awesome find! love the pillow!

  2. That is so interesting! What a cool find ~ Don't you just wonder the stories behind something like that ~

  3. Actually, it looks like corn to me. Maybe to print on sacks of seed corn?

  4. I am thinking it is a Milkweed pod? It's very cool.

  5. It looks like a pickling cuc to me!
    You did a lovely job on the pillow!

  6. I second the milkweed pod! And no, you are not the only one who buys unidentified items while thrifting! I brought home what turned out to be a ceramic stamp moistener... I didn't have a clue, but it intriqued me!

  7. The things we find out thrifting~ sometime it's days before I figure a little item out. Your Block turned out to be something really cute!

    Hugs, Nancy

  8. They are Indian. Years ago, a friend of mine framed them in shadow boxes. Great look.

  9. I love how it turned out on your pillow.At first I thought it looked like an ear of corn,but I do think you're right it does looks more like a zucchini. What a great find!!

  10. Really, I would never, ever have been drawn to that thing and look what you did with it! Amazing. As usual. And, by the way, how is your ankle? Lisa~

  11. Very cool! You never know what you'll find at the thrift store.

  12. IMO, it looks like a milk weed pod and a stamp for stamping the sides of pottery. LOL.. It is a old technique used since the beginning of pottery, we just went over that method last week in Anthropology class.

  13. LOL! A zucchini! A very pretty zucchini, though ...

    Thanks so much for sharing at Pillowpalooza ... and for sporting my button too!



  14. It is for the purpose of creating a design for batik material. They wax the pattern/ design so that the dye doesn't appear there...'sounds like a fun new project for you!

    I love all your creative ideas!


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