The Sewing Chest

6:00:00 AM

Once again on my favorite junking street on 
my way to work...

I found another tossed away treasure...
an old sewing chest! 

or at least I thought it was great at the time...

It was very cool, it opened up on both sides to reveal 
some awesome storage...

I used it to put tools in for a while...
until the rusty screws on the side of the 
chest began to go...


 I got tired of fixing it so I did what any good junker would do when they don't know what to do next... 
I took it apart...

Remember the lamp?

Here's what I salvaged from the sewing chest...
these were the top 2 covered shelves.

I cleaned them, sanded the tops, distressed the edges
traced a bowl for the circles and started stamping...

 I ended up with 2 of the cutest storage 
boxes for my desk...

The moral of the story is:
Don't see what it is, see what it can be!


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  1. It's a shame that the chest didn't make it, but you did a wonderful job on decorating the storage boxes for your desk! They look lovely.

  2. Aw Susan, you've done a great job - love the boxes! Too bad about the chest though, oh well.

  3. Great idea, Susan! They would be cool for storing your stamps, too!

  4. What a great idea. I love how you see all the possiblities in something and then just run with it. Really, really nice job!

  5. Love what you did with that broken sewing chest! The storage boxes are super-cute!

  6. I have the same box, have done nothing with it. I now have ideas moving through ! Thanks !

  7. Excellent motto! Love the little boxes with the stamps. Such a great idea. xox

  8. Very cute! And I have the napkins that match the tablecloth under those boxes! : )

  9. You have the best ideas! Love your "new" boxes.

  10. So cute!!! Thanks again for introducing me the that staz on it!!! Laurel

  11. Wow! How awesome is that. You are the most creative person I know. I need to start looking at things a little differently I guess.
    Love the boxes.

  12. Susan, you have an amazing knack to see what "could be". Fabulous!

  13. Love the ingenuity it took to create these, Susan! :-) The postmark is so cute!

  14. Brilliant thinking! Both boxes are amazing! Which junking streets are your fave?! Remember I'm not too far from you!!!! ;)


  15. Perfect! I love how you made the one look like a letter post. Great idea.So handy, who wouldn't want that on their desk? It's adorable.

  16. So very creative! I never would have thought of that.

  17. You are so smart. I love to see what you are to next.

  18. What a find and the price was perfect (free!!!). I love the little boxes for desk storage and the stamping looks wonderful. Great idea!! What a shame to lose the old sewing chest. Could the screws not have been replaced? I have my Mom's old sewing chest just like this one. It's full of all sorts of sewing supplies, some hers and some mine, and use it often.

  19. Wow, I'd never have thought of that! Love how you added the artwork and made them still useable.

  20. Hi,
    Really liked what you did with the sewing box. I still have mine from the late 60s, early 70s but I think yours is much older give its style. Though I don't sew any more, I still use mine for what little sewing stuff I have left.


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