Photography - My Summer Project

6:34:00 AM

The summer is mine!

My goal, other than to do a few hundred projects... 

is to learn to buy a camera and take better pictures.

Scary? Maybe not...

Taking a big step isn't always easy...
will I like it? Will my pictures be any good?

This is a pretty big commitment...

but... learning is growing....

So I jumped....

 I got myself a new camera...

(upon the advice of my artist-photographer daughter)

And this book...

Starting right now, 
with the help of this book, some youtube videos, 
and maybe a lot of questions to Donna out there...

I'm going to try to figure out how to use it...
(because I'll never sit down long enough to read the manual!)

One small step....

I think I'm in love with my new art form...

Ok, maybe not so scary!
 Happy Summer!


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  1. What beautiful photo's, they look amazing! It's one of my goals to get better at taking photo's as I think it will be fun. My problem is having shaky hands when taking photo's..

  2. Susan....lucky you to get a new camera. I need to bite the bullet and get a good one too. Your photos are always pretty.

  3. have fun with your new camera--i love my canon! cute birdhouse!

  4. I have the same camera, I don't think I have touched the manual since I first got it, I believe people learn from hands on experience, and when I would get stuck, I would just google it online. I did purchase "Nikon D3100" by Jeff Revell, and found it extremely helpful. Good luck learning your new camera, I think you will enjoy it! BTW, found you thru Funky Junk.

  5. H Susan...
    Found you over at Funky Junk and I had to stop by. Your pictures are lovely, you clearly have a good eye for photography. I got a Cannon Rebel for my birthday last November. I had no idea of what to do with it since this is the first real camera I ever owned. So I knuckled under and took an Intro to Digital Photography class this year at my local community college. It was the best thing I could have done. I get more comments on my photos now than ever before and that feels pretty nice. Learning how to use your camera will not only benefit your blog but will also provide you with hours of fun and creativity! Good luck to you and your new best friend Nikon! I'm sure it is a match made in heaven!

  6. beautiful pictures already'll do amazing! (i'm a rebellious non-manual reader too! much to my husband's dismay :)
    ♥ much love

  7. Your picture are already awesome! I can't imagine what they will be like in the future! I've always wanted to take great pictures...but I am really terrible. Maybe someday...LOL.

  8. I recently bought a Canon Rebel..and I secretly hate it because I don't know how to use it! My pictures have been awful with it! But I think I need to bite the bullet and take a class. I really recommmend that.

  9. I've had a point & shoot for a couple of years as a birthday gift. I've often thought about getting the 3100 but I hate reading manuals and I learn better by hand on experience. The only problem is that there isn't anyone I can go to to answer my questions. So, I just stumble through. So far, no new 3100. Maybe for Christmas. Your pictures are lovely. I found you thru "Funky Junk." Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  10. Not scary. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


  11. Congrats, girl! I found getting an SLR totally scary as well. Now the hard work comes but I can see you're off to an amazing start! Gorgeous!

    Photo editing will also take those pictures into a new dimension. Next scary thing? Download Lightroom and give it a go for 30 days for'll fall in LOVE!


  12. It looks like you are well on your way to beautiful pictures. Congrats on taking steps towards your goal!


  13. WOW, your pictures are beautiful! I got the same camera in October and am still trying to learn how to use it. I don't think any of my pictures have turned out as pretty as yours. I can tell I have a long ways to go. :-D

    Six years ago I bought a digital point-and-shoot, thinking I'd learn how to use it...I didn't I wore the poor thing out using it on auto. I determined with the D3100 I wasn't going to allow myself to use auto - ever. Just in the last month, I have learned when I can't get a particular shot, I can take it in auto, look at the settings, put it back on manual, adjust the settings, and take the photo again. It has helped. (I found you through Donna's scary challenge :-D)

  14. How exciting to get your DSRL camera! I was just amazed at the difference in the quality of the pictures when I got a Canon similar to your Nikon about this time last year. I play with the settings some (but mostly keep it in automatic without flash...I'm lazy) and still the photos are really good. I saw your post over at the Funky Junk Challenge.

  15. You sound like me (also a teacher) with a long list of summer projects. Improving my photography skills is on my list. Your photos are beautiful.


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