Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Craft Items

Just a heads up on some new & unique craft items in my Etsy Shop...

Thanks to everyone who ordered my 
Vintage Vocabulary cards, 8 sets flew off the shelf in 1 day! I hope you all find creative uses for them and I'll be on the 
look-out for more.

New to the shop are an assortment of
Some have that old, darkened vintage look!

Great for all you jewelry makers!

and a random sampling of 
How awesome would these look in a shadow box?

and beautiful 3 yard lengths of
 Vintage Cotton Braided Trim.

I've got my eye out for unique and unusual items that can be used for your crafts...
Stay tuned!



  1. so does that mean there r no more? vintage vocabulary cards?

    1. Hi Susan
      I just added the last pack I have (70 ct.) to my shop.

  2. My sis is looking for scrabble tiles for a project in her classroom this year. I just sent her a direct link to the listing page in your shop. Thanks for sharing!!!


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