Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Vintage Paper Dispenser / Cutter

Vintage Paper Dispenser / Cutter 

My latest find... beautiful old wood in perfect shape...

With a big old iron cutter...
The center dowel is removable for easy paper insertion.

Top view with the old screws and hardware...

This cutter measures 22 1/2" wide and 12 1/2" tall.
The base is removable for shipping.

You don't need a paper dispenser? How about using it for paper towels in your kitchen?  Or for several rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom? Ribbons in your craft room? 
Wrap or foil in the kitchen?

Any other ideas?

It's available at my Etsy Shop today!



  1. Now that is cool. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey there! I got one of these at the Lucketts Spring Market in May. I love it! Mine says REX on it where yours says ACE. I'm only using it for decoration at the moment. . . hmmmm. . . giant toilet paper dispenser. . . . we ARE remodeling TWO bathrooms right now!

  3. What a great find, Susan! I would use something like that for my wrapping paper.

  4. Well it would certainly solve the last roll problem for a bit longer.


  5. Oh I love these. Looked for one at the Sparks Flea Market last weekend but the only one I saw was in use by one of the booth owners.

  6. You find the most adorable things.


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