Sunday, December 16, 2012

Santa and Dark Wax

This Santa was made many years ago
from an old piece of fence....

I pull out this old Santa every year...
He is perfect to hang on a skinny wall.

Santa has gotten a little chippy over the years so to give him a little face lift I gave him a coat of Annie Sloan dark wax.
My friend Olivia from The Lovely Sisters 
loaned me a can to try....
It darkened the bright red finish and gave him 
a more vintage look.

I'm very glad I tried the dark wax... 
I can't wait to try it on a zillion more projects!
(thanks Olivia!)


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  1. He is gorgeous! I would love to make one! I bought some antique wax. It's the Canadian version of Annie Sloan chalk paints, called van Gogh Chalk Paint. I haven't really used it much so I am not sure if I could give it my opinion. I am pinning this for my to do list! Merry Christmas Susan!

  2. Oh yes..... me too got out the dark wax. It met an old sled and just about every other piece of painted folk art I had made. Now it actually looks vintage as opposed to something I had painted. My only tip... buy a box of those cheap plastic gloves at a supply house. I hate the feeling of the wax and having it under my nails.



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