Little House and a Lunch Pail

9:18:00 PM

Who loves
Little House on the Prairie?
I was their number one fan....
I watched it every time it was on... and I cried every time it was on.... so much so that my mother embroidered the words "crying towel" onto a hand towel so I could use it to cry on. 

I still have it, I don't save much but I do still have that
 "crying towel."

I had the lunch box too....
(too bad I didn't save that!)

I loved that the girls carried their lunches to school in 
lunch pails not lunch boxes...

That's right where my mind went when I found this
vintage pail.... for lunches!

I love the natural aged look of this pail...
(no antiquing solutions on this baby!)

That's when I thought of a thousand things, 
besides lunch, to fill it with...

like very happy Memories!


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  1. Hi Susan! Long time, no see! I am a HUGE LHOTP fan. I've mentioned it on the blog MANY times. Sigh. . . brings back great memories. LOVE your lunch box!

  2. I was going to comment that my niece was THE biggest fan of Little House.... But I see she beat me to it. Love your blog...

    THE biggest fan's aunt!

  3. I loved Little House, still do! I wanted to be Laura Ingalls!

  4. My head immediately went to the opening theme music the minute I read Little House on the Prairie. Guess I watched it plenty too, and probably cried, but had to use my sleeve.


  5. lovely! WE love lhotp here! we grew up with it and now my daughter has caught the bug. my brother always used to call it little prairie on the house (by accident) & it stuck! :) lovely lunchpail - thanks for sharing this little piece of history!

  6. I love LHOTP - at 6:00pm every night I watched that sweet show. I loved the simple life they had. I still read books along those lines...we don't change. Cute dang pail, too!!!

  7. I had to come back over and say..maybe that is when we started to develop our own style. You and I like a lot of the same things and actually - those things could possibly be a prop for this show. ;)

  8. Love this! I'll be visiting here often...we're moving soon and I need decorating ideas!!


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