Ink Effects and the Kids

5:08:00 PM

Deco Art has great craft products...

The one I'm using today is called Ink Effects. (affiliate link)

I wrote about this paint in December when I made 
Christmas pillows using only the black paint.

This time I'm using the colors...

 I am doing this project today with children at school so I'm testing my lesson to make sure everything turns out right.

I began with a coloring book page.

A simple design will work best with young children. 

 I printed it out on my printer.

The first step is to paint the Ink Effects color directly onto your copied paper. Use the black paint after everything is painted to create the black lines.

Young children may need a little help with the outlining,
they can also paint an original design directly onto copy paper.

Here is mine, painted on the paper and ready for ironing.

A second coat will give you an even darker print.

The next step is to flip it over onto your t-shirt and iron.
(no steam)

You can lift up a corner of the paper to check the progress.

And here are my awesome results... 

As you can see the color is very true to what you painted on the copy paper, the colors are bright and beautiful.

The fabric you use will also effect the results, the tighter the weave, the crisper the image.

The copy paper transfer can be used more than 1 time.
Each transfer will be a slight bit lighter.

The children painted a copy then we ironed it onto yellow t-shirts. The children were mostly Kindergarteners.


This paint is great to transfer designs to a pillow, a shower curtain, napkins, or even a runner.

The possibilities are endless!

It's a great summer project with the kids too!
Have fun with this paint.

We sure did!

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  1. well.... how cool is that! I must pin this! :)

    great job by everyone.

  2. So love this and love every one of the projects you showed us! xo
    (sharing :) )


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