Saturday, July 6, 2013

How and Why to Instagram

Do you Instagram?
Well you should and I can show you how!....

I downloaded the Instagram app onto my iphone
and began getting social!

With Instagram I snap a picture and share it
with my just my followers or publicly.

I take random pictures of projects I'm working on 
and an occasional family shot.... 
Some pictures are very silly and some serve a purpose.
You can add color or sepia or black and white...


My Instagram account is attached to my blog
in the profile section so if someone likes my photo
they can go find out about my website.

Followers can comment or just like my pictures.

I have a ton of fun with Instagram
and it's another way of getting your
website out there.

There are also a lot of other Instagram apps
that fancify or customize your photos. 
You can collage, write on the pictures, and add frames.

Sign up now and follow 

Come get an inside, behind the scenes
look at projects in progress and sometimes
just a lot of fun!

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  1. I started an Instagram account a while ago but did nothing with it. Lately I've been realizing that I probably should be more active on it, so I've started posting pics...we'll see where it goes.


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