A Stylish DIY Toilet Paper Roll Holder

5:30:00 AM

This may be a sensitive subject but let's face it... we all use it... 

it's in every house... so why not DIY a stylish junky one?

A Stylish DIY Toilet Paper Roll Holder www.homeroad.net

I recently came across a great find... three great pieces of old metal lamp parts and I've been anxious to put them to work! 

A Stylish DIY Toilet Paper Roll Holder www.homeroad.net

Today I'm using the tall thin one and an old chair dowel. 

A Stylish DIY Toilet Paper Roll Holder www.homeroad.net

Can you see where I'm going with this? 

The first thing I needed to do was to whittle down the end of the dowel so it would fit into the small hole in the top of the lamp piece. 

A Stylish DIY Toilet Paper Roll Holder www.homeroad.net

I can now add whittling to my resume!

I used E6000 glue to secure the dowel into the lamp piece.

Taking photos from here on out is going to be a challenge... this thing is long and skinny and hard to get into a good sized photo... but well worth trying!

A Stylish DIY Toilet Paper Roll Holder www.homeroad.net

I used Mud Paint to paint the entire piece, stick and all because it sticks to wood and metal and needs no sealer... win... win!

Now maybe it's just me because I am the mother of 4 daughters, but a toilet paper roll holder just seems to make sense.... and a junky stylin' one is even better!

A Stylish DIY Toilet Paper Roll Holder www.homeroad.net

I mean why hide the toilet paper under the sink when you can put it out on display and show off your DIY skills in one more area of the house? 

A Stylish DIY Toilet Paper Roll Holder www.homeroad.net

Think about it... it looks pretty and nobody needs to search the bathroom (or yell for Mom) when they need more toilet paper!

A Stylish DIY Toilet Paper Roll Holder www.homeroad.net

And I promise you will see the other 2 lamp parts soon!

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  1. I loved both your projects, toilet tissue holder and metal pedestal dish. Now that's really using your head to re purpose such mundane items but make something attractive and useful, you get big gold star for your efforts. Looks like you have a nice new toilet in your bathroom, could see top of tank which looks new to me. Our toilets are older models and not pretty at all. would cover toilet but heard that's not done these days. Why not? Isn't that cover for toilet seat and tank cover sold anymore?
    Haven't bought any new bath rugs/toilet covers for long time, lol.


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