Bringing the Garden Table Inside for the Winter

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This is my very first post on Homeroad so I'm going to begin by telling you about the little corner of our kitchen that belongs to the dogs.

Bringing the Garden Table Inside for the Winter.

It was nice enough, tucked away in a cozy corner by the back door, but this weekend the dogs got an upgrade to first class. 

It was time to bring my garden table inside for the winter and with not too many other options, I decided that it should go directly over the dog crates. Perfect fit!

Now the creative juices started flowing.... garden table, garden theme, accessories...

First above the garden table I hung 2 shelves, perfect for baskets. 

Bringing the Garden Table Inside for the Winter for the Dogs.

Next came hooks to hang garden tools and candles, a curtain bar to hang wrapping paper or cellophane, and assorted accessories from my deck. 

The garden table turns out to be a great little place to wrap presents, use as a drink bar, or just to pull up a stool when an extra little table is needed.

Above the dog crates is a wooden shelf, perfect for holding a basket, a basin and the dog food. 

Creating a garden table area in the kitchen.

Kirby and Kody love their crates and feel very secure 
in their new dog pen.

Looking back at this first post I can not believe where
my blog has taken me, how much I've learned about 
photography and design, and the friends I've made. 

Kirby and Kody are no longer with us but lived to 
ripe old ages.

Please visit a few of my newer posts with recycled
and repurposed ideas for pets. 

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