My Craft Room

Here's my finished craft room,
decorated and filled with supplies.
And completely "lived in".
Here is the before picture:
(Daughter's room and quite the disaster!)
And here is a picture as she moved her stuff out.
 I was moving my tables in as my daughter was
moving her furniture out of the room...
(I wasn't anxious or anything, but in fairness she was too and 
I couldn't be happier for her success!)
And here is what it looks like now...

The Results:
(Mom cave/office/craft room)
The room I've waited for forever is here...
My "crafty" side of the room...
The bulletin board is in an old frame painted white.
Notice the board & batten along the desk wall...
and the raised shelf over the desk is very handy. 
A shelf for boxes, jars and ribbons...
a cutting table...
My beautiful thrift store jars with the chalkboard labels from 
I added cork to one table for a durable work space.  
 I made this cool glue gun holder...
This wire rack is for cupcakes...
I love to re-purpose things.
This is husband's not so crafty side...  
(luckily he has me to fix it up for him)
The closet on the right was re-done here.
The closet holds all the "crafty stuff".
Lot's of room above the cabinet too.

Paper storage....
decorated clip-boards in the basket hold all my blogging notes. 
These wall shelves hold different weights 
of computer paper.
Here's another thrift store find, 
taken apart and repainted.
 I've gotta say... I really do love this new space!
And to see all the up-dates I've done to the room after living in it for a while... please go here.


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