Thriftin' Fun

9:43:00 PM

My oldest daughter is getting her first apartment... yay Kasey! And Yay Mom because I get her room for my craft room!  
Her departure has brought on all kinds of Thrift Shopping ideas.. 
Today we went to check out a few of them...

The first Thrift Shop.... I dont' know why they called it a thrift shop, had 2nd hand furniture that was outrageously expensive!

But the second thrift shop....
(No furniture but hurray Mom! Look what I found for me!!!!)

Can you believe I found these jars?
They were.... ready for this..... $3.99!!!!!
And today only.... 25% off!!!!

 I paid 3 bucks for each of them!!!!!!
Aghhhhhhhh! I was soooo excited....
that I dropped one and broke it!
(luckily they were nice about it and didn't make me pay for it)
But I was bummed... I wanted it!!!!

But I got 4, I'm soooo happy! 
And did you check out this other stuff?

I got to work right away.... washing, sanding, and painting.

 Lazy Susan... Painted, ready to be sanded and I'm going to paint a word (not sure yet what) across it.
 And check this out......

 Isn't it great!!! It needed some sprucing up.... the metal on the handle was very old, brass and pitted...

So I took it apart... 

and did what any creative crafter would do... 
I got out the metallic spray paint and painted it.

And here it is... I'm thinking it could hold office supplies in my new craft room!


And one last thing.... 
a cheese dish. 

Painted it white,
distressed it a little and instant make-over!
I'd say I had a very fun and productive day off!
Don't you think so?

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  1. Wow, I love it all! Such great deals on all your finds. The furniture at my thrift store are crazy expensive too! But it's great for decor & nic nacks :)

  2. I am loving all of your thrift store finds! I just found 1 jar and 1 cheese dish at my local thrift store! I wish I would have found more of those jars...anyways I am a new follower!

  3. Oh what lucky finds! I miss my GW! I found out Anchorage doesnt have a GW!! Just a dirty and rather scary Salavation Army and a overpriced Value Village. Ill settle for the Value Village but I am going to miss finds like yours! Happy thrifting!

  4. Those jars were a steal!! Why don't I ever find stuff that good??

    The tiered dish looks great.

  5. Hard to find good thrifting deals in my area.
    New visitor from from the Hop
    Following you and sharing all your good stuff.
    Freebies 4 Moms

  6. Hi! Following from Thur. blog hop. I'm so jealous! I've been wanting large glass containers like that...always on the lookout for those when I'm thrifting!
    Please stop by my blog directory at
    or my gourmet chocolates blog at

  7. awesome finds...dontcha hate it when you are so close to bringing a treasure home and something least you save some moola for the next treasure eh?

  8. Hi, I like your "thriftin fun" finds. Anxious to see what you decide to do with your glass jars.

  9. Great stuff! Especially love that mod triple layer serving set - great fixup. :)

  10. Great finds and awesome redos! I'm a jar fanatic!

  11. LOL, I can see you like thrifting as much as I do.....just became your 86 follower :-)

  12. love the jars and the cheese dish! Great finds but why does it bother me that you didn't pay for the jar you broke? It was only $3 and you did break it.


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