Starfish & Shell Candlesticks

Did you see these fabulous shell candlesticks at 
the Exchange?

I thought they were beautiful and I had just 
the shells to use...
I have a very special shell that my husband and I found on a trip to Sanibel Island.

On a recent Salvation Army trip I scored some
beautiful candle sticks.
Did I mention it was 1/2 priced Wednesday???
Some candlesticks I found were crystal 
and would be perfect...

Others needed a good coat of (you guessed it!) white paint...

And still others needed a lot of work  
and a coat of white paint...

A little de-waxing (is that a word?), sanding, tightening 
and then painting...

Thank goodness it was nice today.

 I added some beautiful shells by filling the candle stick wells with hot glue and sticking the shell inside. I had to hold it for a few minutes while the glue dried...

And I ended up with some beautiful candlesticks!

All together in a beautiful group!


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