How to Up-Cycle Curbside Finds!

Did you ever have a day when the Junk Gods were
smiling down on you?

Vintage crates and barrel

Well that day was today! 

I was driving along, saw this pile and BANG! 

"Pull over!!!!"
I loaded up the car and embarrassed my daughter all in one shot!

Vintage pallet dolly with castors.

It was worth her embarrassment! 

I hit the mother-load of vintage finds!

Vintage crate with writing.

As soon as I got home, I got right to work on my new finds!

I added wheels and a license plate to one box. You can read all about that one by following the bold link. 

White castors

Old drawer with license plate and castors.

Vintage license plate from Virginia attached to front of drawer.

I added a shelf to another box, I needed a cool looking book shelf in my craft room.

Bookshelf made from an old crate.

 Vintage crate bookshelf filled with books.

But this old tool chest might have been the best find of all!

Vintage ammo trunk used as a table.

Up-cycled ammo trunk table.

I'm still thinking about what to do with the dolly. 

It has wheels on the bottom...

Vintage dolly with writing and wheels.

Any ideas?

Was I lucky or what? 

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