How to Stain the Deck in a Weekend

I came home from work early Friday afternoon 
and was handed a paintbrush.

It seems my husband decided to stain the deck....
on the hottest day of the year so far!

It needed to be done but really...
it's 85 degrees!

The stain went on really easily and it made a huge difference!

So what's a little back breaking sweaty work? 
Maybe I'll even burn a few calories...

Let me just say, this was a HUGE job! 

All the sides needed staining as well...

and all the steps and flower boxes...

I shouldn't really complain...
Lucky for me my husband was finished
with most of it when I got home.

It really turned out great! 
In 48 hours we can put all the furniture back.

So this was our Memorial Day weekend project and
the deck will be ready in time for a barbeque on Monday!

Want to see how we eventually replaced this old deck? 
Please click on the orange link below

Replacing the Deck

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