How to Make a Clock Pedestal Dish and Evenly Space the Numbers

I began this clock project with a round cutting board. 

First, I primed it.

(this is the back)

and then I got a little clever... 
Here is how you can get the numbers in all the right places.
I traced the circle onto a piece of paper, then I folded the paper in 1/2, and in 1/2 again until I had 12 equal triangles.

I opened up the circle and marked the wooden circle at every fold.

these marks would be where I'd put the numbers.

I used a stencil to make the roman numerals on the 
paper circle first. I used the old "scribble with a pencil on the back" trick to transfer the numbers.

I could have stenciled right onto the wood but I wanted
to make sure all the numbers would fit first.

I painted in the numerals and a center circle.
I used the paper again to find the center of the board and I used a plate to get a perfect circle.

I let it dry and then sanded the whole board to distress the wood.

I used a Minwax stain to give the clock it an old, aged look.

Then I added legs using old wooden knobs. 

and I ended up with a beautiful aged, old clock pedestal dish.

I added a dome to the top so it can be used as a cake dish. 

Thanks for the inspiration Kathy! 
I'll be using this at my next party!

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