Clock Pedestal

6:48:00 PM

A while back I was inspired by the beautiful clock table 
Kathy from All About Vignettes did...
(did you know she was on Nate??!!!)

I would love to have had an old, rusty, 
round table in my garage...
But I didn't, 
so I'd have to settle for a round cutting board...

I primed it...

(this is the back)

and got a little clever... 
Here is how you can get the numbers in all the right places...
I traced the circle onto a piece of paper, then I folded the paper in 1/2, and in 1/2 again... until I had 12 equal triangles...

I opened up the circle and marked 
the wooden circle at every fold...

these marks would be where I'd put the numbers...

I used a stencil to make the roman numerals on the 
paper circle first... I used the old "scribble
with a pencil on the back" trick to transfer the numbers...

I could have stenciled right onto the wood but I wanted
to make sure all the numbers would fit first...

I painted in the numerals and a center circle.
I used the paper again to find the center of the board
and I used a plate to get a perfect circle.

I let it dry and then sanded the whole board
to distress the wood.

I used a Minwax stain to give the clock it an old, aged look.

Then I added legs...

and I ended up with a beautiful aged, 
old clock pedestal dish...

and a dome looks great on it too!

Thanks for the inspiration Kathy! 
I'll be using this at my next party!

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  1. Oh this is so cute! Thanks for the details on lining up where the numbers go -- very cute project!

  2. Clever and very beautiful!!!

    Deborah :)

  3. What a darling idea. I must try to make one. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  4. that is so cute and very clever!

  5. I love it with the glass dome...where will you put it? Lisa~

  6. I love this. Just pinned it.

  7. Sweet! Very clever, Susan! I like your thinking in how you laid this all out.

  8. Wow! How original!

  9. I have the perfect cheese container thingy (really don't know the name of those things) to do this to! I am pinning it now!! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  10. Blinking heck! That looks amazing, I just love the folding paper idea to get the numbers in the right place, will have to remember this, thanks for sharing!

  11. i love it! looks awesome and what a great tutorial to boot!

  12. What a great idea, It looks great with the dome and your tutorial is awesome!

  13. Nicely done, and thanks for sharing all those great tips! I love this!

  14. oh my goodness!! I love it! Very very clever!

  15. Wow so cute and clever! Great tutorial, thanks for sharing.

  16. LOVE IT!! You have totally inspired me. I actually have a round topped cheap-o table that just brokw in my I know what to do with the top!! :-)

  17. this is fantastic, well done!

  18. This is totally cool! I think the icing on the cake was placing the dome on top of it so it became a cloche!! You did a wonderful job transforming something mundane into something that is clever. Visiting from Charm Bracelet Diva. ~ Sue

  19. What a fun idea! Hmmm.... I could see something with a little nautical theme too.


  20. Oh my this is INCREDIBLE! Wow, just...WOW!
    Found this awesome project on Running with Glitter! Thank you so much for sharing!

  21. :) Following you from a few awesome projects ago

  22. This is really lovely. You did a wonderful job. Thanks for the tutorial!

  23. so pretty, and unique. great job.

  24. Love it! Clocks have special meaning to me. I love the clever way you did this to enjoy every day.

  25. Girl, there isn't a thang you create that I don't love! Thanks for sharing, I have a metal table I have been wanting to make into a clock face. Can't decide if i want to take the legs off and make it just a clock face--would be awesome on a mantel or keep it as a table.

  26. wow, looks great! i love the distressing!

  27. I am so into clocks and LOVE this project so much! Great job :)

    Fancy Frugal Life

  28. This is so cool, I love it with the glass dome on top, very Pottery Barn!! Great job, and thanks for linking up with VIF, xo Debra

  29. Hopping over from Sister Sunday..Love this idea! You did an amazing job.. I think the glaze was the perfect touch. Thanks for sharing!

  30. You did a great job! I love it - it's perfect!


  31. What a great idea.This is so cute.

  32. Hi Susan,
    Great project! I just bought a lazy susan at a thrift store that needs updating and I think I know what I'm going to do with it now!! Thanks for the great tip on marking where the letters go!
    Have a great week.

  33. Ah-haa...that folded paper idea is genius :) Laurel

  34. Very nice! I love the idea and may just have to steal it. In the meantime, I pinned your pedestal clock on pinterest.


  35. I just saw that you took the clock table I painted and put a twist on the idea. Very clever I love the pedestal and "cloche" cover. You know I love to use cloches--and clocks-- in design. Sooo creative. Love it.


  36. Very cute. :)

    Nice job with the numberss!!

  37. I absolutely love this! I have a lot of glass domes I use at parties and this is such a fun, new use for one. Well done! I hope you will come to my HomeMade Monday blog party at next week and share!

  38. Soo cute!! Love this~ sharing at my the party tonight~ thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  39. I am ridiculously in love with how it turned out... Great job. It didnt take much for me to become a follower:)

  40. That would have been perfect at my daughter's around the clock theme bridal shower! Too bad I just now saw your post. Great job!


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