Chicken Feeder

6:00:00 AM

A chicken feeder.....?
I didn't even know there was such a thing...

I began by adding a board to the back and distressed it with vinegar and steel wool to make it look old...

The chicken feeder itself was almost rusting through...

Not my finest find... 

but I'm going to try and make it work...

How about using it to hold a large collection 
of thin bottles to root my plants...???

Maybe I could stencil a word on the wooden back...??

maybe "please grow"....

Graphics Fairy bottle label...

 I'll stare at it out on my deck for a while...

I could even screw through the wood and hang it on the wall... 
like a shelf maybe?

Until maybe I'll decide to spray the whole thing white,
add holly and candles, 
and use it on my mantel for the holidays....???

Just thinking out loud today...
For now, here it is... my rooting station.

What would you do with it?
Any ideas?


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  1. I love your chicken feeder! I think it's pretty neat as a rooting station, but I might use it to hold jars with buttons and sewing notions in my sewing room. I think it has a lot of possibilities. I just painted a crate and added chalkboard paint to it so that might be an option for you if you want to write words on it. (Then you can change it!)

  2. I have a four foot vintage wooden tool caddie that I use as a rooting station....and it looks a heck of a lot like this.

    Love the Christmas idea and the shelf idea.

  3. Love the idea of spraying it and using it on your mantel. That would look so great! You just have the greatest ideas! Could you just come and decorate my house?!

  4. Oh, wouldn't that look great at Christmas, Susan! I could just see that! Here I thought you were growing cuttings of rum. I was going to say, I'll be right over! : )

  5. Susan perfect repurpose - for now. You're thinking like me, rooting station for today, tomorrow maybe something else. So great to get the most mileage out of one item, change and reinvent rather than buy something now is always the best way to go!

  6. Really cool, love that for my chicks! I would paint the wood white (if you are inclined) but not the metal. Hanging it with the bottles would be really cute too. Love the Christmas idea too.

  7. I love your idea of using it for your 'rooting station.' I love all your ideas but I think I would stick to the original tinnish color. Now I'm just thinking out loud. lol
    'hugs from afar'

  8. Love it! And I loved all of your ideas for it. What a great find.


  9. That is a great find, I think your on the right track with all of your ideas.

  10. Awesome find...Susan. I Love it as a rooting station. But your Christmas idea for the mantle is a good one too!

  11. I love this idea! It's so cute and I really like the vintage barnyard feel. Thank you for sharing!

  12. I echo everyone else...very cute. I can't believe you didn't know there were special chicken feeders. You lead such a sheltered life. You need to come stay with me in the country for a few days and I'll expose you to many disgusting, yet paintable things. Lisa~

  13. Love the idea of white wish I was lucky enough to find one!

  14. Think of the possibilities! :)
    Fill it with cut greens from the yard, some outdoor ornaments and a big plaid bow for Christmas.
    I gave Maureen the link to your blog, she couldn't figure out who I was talking about.

  15. Oh I love this! How creative and what a fun rooting station ( I love that you even have a rooting station) Hugs!!

  16. Look at Buckets of Burlap Blog. She has some great ones!

    I'd love to have one. I'd leave the metal. Such a wonderful look.

  17. I think it would make a great centerpiece inside or planter outside.

  18. Your chicken feeder makes a great rooting station. Great idea. Thanks for stopping by and joining BC Good Life Wednesdays linky party.

  19. so cool--I love it just the way it is! Thanks for sharing. I would love it if you would add my linky party button to your blog so your followers can find me too.

  20. I also love the way it is with it's rustic charm.I would'nt mind finding one of those,so many uses.....

  21. I love the chicken feeder as a rooting station! I have seen them planted with succulents too.

  22. Love it! You could write the words rooting station on it too. So many possibilites!

  23. i want a chicken feed so bad! love this idea. i want one with the little metal dividers so i can put plates in it! love this. thanks for partying with me!

  24. Well I think it looks lovely just as you have it!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  25. What a fabulous find! It looks wonderful with all of your jars. So many things you could do with it! I really like the tin finish on it - you could still decorate it up for all the holidays just by changing up what you added to it. Thanks so much for sharing again at The Creative Spark - so happy to have you back!
    Jenn :)
    P.S. Featuring this tomorrow!

  26. I like it with your bottles! I think it could look great this fall with spanish moss, pumpkins and gourds, twigs and such tucked in it. Maybe use some of your cool bottles with a single stem of a fall-colored flower...
    I'm visiting from All Thingz Related and just found them and you today. I'm new around here, but will check back soon!
    -Revi from Revisionary Life

  27. ...better late than never! I'm just seeing this post, but when you mentioned painting something along the back I thought of the phrase "Grow where you are planted"... or is it "bloom where you are planted"? Either way, it'd be fitting!

    Dana @


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