French Country Pin Cushions

I'm in love with all things French Country
and today I'm going to make some little
French pin cushions...

...especially too because
 I can't wait to use the StazOn Ink pad again...

 and use these adorable French stamp stampers...

I started with paint cloth and some left over fabric 
scraps for the backing...

I stamped a few stamps on the front piece
and one on the back piece of the fabric too...
I also stamped the cutest little tag that I sewed into the seam...

 I put the right sides together and sewed around 3 1/2 sides...
I left 1/2 of the last side open to stuff with batting...

Then I hand sewed the last seam closed...
(I used a couple of different backing fabrics)

The tag is almost the cutest part...

Then I made a bunch more because they are so
flippin' adorable and I want to sell 
them on my shop...

I even sent one to my friend Heather during the 
Craftaholic's Craft Exchange...
Love them!
(Sorry if I said "cute" and "adorable" too many times but they are!)
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  1. They ARE "cute and adorable"! Love the little tag :) Laurel

  2. I loooove the tag! I've been thinking of ordering my own tags, but I should just make and STAMP them! Brilliant! Do you know anywhere that makes good, inexpensive custom stamps?

  3. Cute and adorable they are, Susan! Love them and I love the little tag you made up, too. I'm sure they will be flying out of your shop!

  4. They are 'CUTE and ADORABLE". I'm Loving these little pillows! Loving the tag too! Awesome idea!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Susan, this is my umpteen time of trying to get a post correctly posted. I love your little pillows. The added tag gives them so much orginiality.Love them. I am also having fun with my stamp pad. Thanks again for the post introducing us to the product. Have a great day

  7. They are so cute and adorable. (Great adjectives to describe them.) Love it.

  8. These are as cute as can be! And I love the tags!

  9. HI!
    can you please tell me what that fabric is your using? It looks like burlap, but everytime I look to buy burlap it sheds horribly and isn't soft like that!

  10. I love the tag!!! This is a great idea.

  11. Very cute! I haven't seen that ink pad before either.
    Enjoy this rainy Sunday!

  12. Cute and adorable don't even do these justice! Love these!

  13. Love these! What a wonderful idea!

  14. I love these! I have to get these stamps! I can think of 20 things I would like to stamp now! Haha

  15. They are very cute and extremely adorable. I hope you sell tons of them!

  16. TOP vraiment très joli - je suis française et j'aime beaucoup vos jolis pochons avec les pochoirs - les tampons sont très beaux - venez voir sur mon blog j'ai fait des transferts aussi
    ça devrait vous plaire - bonne journée
    Miss des Breunières

  17. This post made me smile. Thanks for inspiring me and many others to even attempt this feat. Really appreciate that you linked up at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop.

  18. Love those!! Anything French and I'm sold.


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