Hand Painted Light and an Artist

6:00:00 AM

My oldest daughter Kasey is an artist
She came downstairs one morning  
and said "Hey Mom... Look what I drew."

The rest as they say, was history.

Kasey's sketch book

and from then on, she was an artist

charcoal on a shopping bag 
"mom's picture" a gift for my 50th 
her prom dress 
a commissioned sale
our youngest Kenley 
a commissioned sale
a friend, drawn in pencil
I shouldn't be surprised when she has a great home 
decorating project to share.

This is her lampshade before.

and this is the lampshade with the light on...

Kasey drew the flowers free hand on the inside 
of the lampshade and painted them with an India ink marker.

Here is her kitchen...
Check out that awesome hand painted wall!

close-up of kitchen wall

She got it all from me :)

Kasey is now a graphic designer and shares her art here.

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  1. I'm completely blown away by her talent!!!!! I'm headed over to her web site now!!

  2. What a talented girl!! I love her kitchen wall! It's going to be fun to hear where she goes with all that talent! You must be so proud of her.

  3. Wow, Susan, your daughter is so talented! I can see that it extends to decorating her home, too. Of course she got it from you. I know my kids get all their "good" qualities from me! : )

  4. Wow she is so very talented!! Thank you for sharing with us!

  5. What an amazing gift! So talented! Keep up the great work, Kasey!

  6. she is so talented!! thanks for sharing!

  7. She is amazing! I love when artists can take their skill and apply it to so many other places other than just the canvas or paper (not that the canvas is at all bad, it is fantastic! Her work is so inspiring!). What a proud mother you must be!

  8. Serious talent!! I was awed by every piece. The lampshade and wall in her kitchen are awesome! She had to have gotten her talent from you!

  9. AWESOME work! She is so very similar to my neighbor's daughter!!! Seriously, have your DD check out these 2 sites: http://latestnarcotic.tumblr.com/ and

    Gabby is a sweet girl and to see this kind of work.....

  10. WOW!! Tremendously GIFTED daughter! Thank you for sharing her passion with us!

    Deborah (visiting from


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