Hello Irene!

9:11:00 PM

Ready or not, here she comes!

 Stay safe!


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  1. Sending positive thoughts to keep everyone safe.
    Jenn :)

  2. Susan I'm ready. Pretty sure we'll loose power so hopefully I'll see you on the other side on Monday! Take care.

  3. I hope there will be no victims and everything will go well (hope my English is good enough).
    Stay safe and be safe.
    Agnes, The Netherlands

  4. Hang in there!!! We got lucky here in Southeast Florida. Sending good thoughts your way!

  5. I am hoping this storm does no major damage because we have seen so much in the last 2 years to last a lifetime! I am a new follwer thru GFC and would love a follow back when you get a chance. I would follow on FB but had a disaster last Friday. I was going along and liking and following and then FB popped up and said I was spamming and blocked me out of my own FB for 15 days! (5 more to go) but they would not answer my emails so I don't know why. I followed the blog hop rules and when you sign up for them you are giving people the permission to stop by. Anyway, I am keeping a list of those I need to catch up with who do follow now or you can wait until another blog hop and I will follow then on FB so you can follow back. Either way is okay and I understand if you wish to wait. I am afraid now to leave comments on FB so when I do follow I will leave the comment on blogger's blog that I follow so that does not happen again. Thanks for your help and have a great weekend!


  6. Be Safe...take care, thinking of you and yours.


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