School Bench

6:00:00 AM


From the dumpster at school!

only it was painted with green tempra paint!


Bright Green!

You couldn't even sit on it or the green would be on your behind...
so I washed it off... 
and the green washed off!!

and under the green it was black...

I fixed it up with another coat of black paint...

I printed out "abc" on my printer, 
traced it onto the bench, painted in the lines....

Gave it a little distressing...

Now it's ready for my classroom!

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  1. Susan great rescue. Love your print, trace and paint method - that's exactly how apply lettering too! Thanks for your nice comments on the entry cubbies - wait until you see the bases and the final install! Enjoy the weekend.

  2. Yep! I still use the old-timey method of transfering images too. Your bench looks great and now has a new lease on life. It looks really sturdy.

  3. I was going to say you should bring it back to school and show them what they threw out, Susan!

  4. Cute find! Yuck about the green paint, but I did have to laugh!!! I love the transformation and the add letters :D

  5. Susan ~ That is awesome!! Isn't it so fun to find things like that ... especially in the trash!!

  6. First you find that amazing huge wall decor at the thrift store. NOW you find a cute bench in the trash?? You are on a lucky streak! :)

  7. Dumpster diving at are definitely a true junker :) That was a great find and I would have been fighting you for that. Love it painted black!!

  8. Oh my gosh, that's so cute! I love me a good dumpster save!!! :o)

  9. I can't believe it was going to be thrown away (well, maybe because it left green paint on your behind...) Great find!

  10. Great rescue! And fitting that it should go back to the school!

  11. It turned out very very cute! Would not have been cool to have kiddies with green backsides. LOL
    My daughter is doing her student teaching now. She already has tons of things she wants me to make for her class. (The way things are here, I hope she can find a job).
    Happy Weekend,

  12. What a great lesson for your kids! I absolutely love it!

  13. I cannot believe someone threw that out!!!! What a great find! And lovely transformation, as always!!!

  14. What fun! I love that you used lower case letters. Don't you wonder what it was and why they tossed it? Lisa~

  15. Hi Susan - love your bench. Great idea! I wanted to also get back to you - you had emailed me about where I get the Chalk Paint. There's a distributor in NJ - check the Annie Sloan website - she lists all her North American stockists. I am thinking about becoming one - but it's a pretty pricey venture. Where are you located? Linda

  16. Happy First Day back to school Tues?
    Bench looks great. Painted with tempra? How funny!


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