Totally Stumped!

7:43:00 AM

I will admit it...
I'm stumped!

still wet from being scrubbed...

I found these on the side of the road...

They are old, rusty and very heavy!

I have no idea what to do with them...

I could sell them to the scrap guy
 but I'm sure that between the one thousand and seventeen of us we 
could come up with something cool...

There are 2 of them, one has a wooden top and 
the other does not...

They are about 12" x 18"

Tell me what you think...
Give me your ideas and we will see what we can do...

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  1. Oh my - by the side of the road? Wow!! My first tho't is attach a crate (old wooden box) - upside down or on it's side for a coffee table, etc. or rightside up for movable catch all - etc. Could also be a moveable plant stand for big heavy plants/urns. Very neat find!

  2. Check out Dee's post with ideas for recycled apple crates -
    I think you just found the perfect base for a coffee table or toy box! If I had them I would get an apple crate to put on top of the rollers and then put my Christmas tree in it!

  3. I can't stop thinking about your lucky find by the side of the road! Maybe I need to drive slower...
    How about two or three apple crates on their sides stacked up on top for a moveable shelf? You could stack quilts, crocks, and other treasures in the shelves for a lovely display.
    I am officially a little jealous of you right now. :)

  4. I know you saw some potential in them, Susan! Sometimes these pieces need to speak to us when they are ready. However ~ I am with Joyce. I was thinking pallets made into a crate-like piece {on the wood one} but if you can get crates that would cut down on the work. I could just see this with some burlap and a small evergreen for the holidays. You could probably put a piece of wood on the other one and do the same. Maybe flanking something. Even for Fall, holding pumpkins and gourds it would be cute!

  5. Those are not only cool, Susan, but would sell for a small fortune in L.A. There are shops that sell industrial pullys and carts etc. for decorative and functional use in homes now.
    I saw the suggestion of topping them with carts, you could also use an old burlap sack with advertizement on them, some padding and make a rolling foot stool., Very rustic, industrial, earthy.

  6. Moveable plant stand for large, heavy planters? That's what I would do with them. I'm sure you'll think of something far more interesting and creative. I've NEVER seen or heard of anyone who finds as much great stuff roadside as you do; I'm so jealous! Looking forward to seeing what you decide to do with these treasures.

  7. correction: not carts, but crates, my it's early here!

  8. We never find cool things like this on the side of the road, or even in a dumpster or at barn sales! I am sure the husband would not even complain about stopping for this, except the part about loading them.
    Since there are two, you could go redneck chic and put an entire couch on them and be able to roll it outside for parties.

  9. LOL Ok I'm laughing now!.... roll the couch onto the porch! We sure don't have much red neck going on here :) Hahahaha
    I do find some great junk. We have certain days of the week here that you put out your junk and they pick up large or heavy items. There are a lot of old houses that sometimes have junk in their back garages or basements. Also... I guess I should start driving with my eyes on the road rather than the side of it :)
    Thanks for all the great suggestions so far!

  10. Hi Susan,
    Seriously...I'm with everyone find some awesome stuff on the side of the road!! These pieces are amazing! My first thought was stacked suitcases but I'm loving the crate idea too.
    Just catching up on past posts too. You have such wonderful ideas. I love the pedestal you made for the water dispenser (and your dish-ware is fabulous) and the shoe form hooks are just awesome. I saw one of those at a thrift store just this week....exactly the same....and I didn't buy it because there was only one. Wish I had now!

  11. I LOVE those and am loving all of the awesome ideas that everyone is coming up with!! I cannot think of anything different but can't wait to see what you do with them :)

  12. Susan seriously where do you find this stuff? I vote bins or shelving like Frugal Farmhouse did. Those wheels are so great, lucky girl you are.

  13. I would do NOTHING to them!! They are awesome just like they are. I would use them in a tablescape of some sort as a base for display. Well....maybe the one without a top, I would add a top to it. They are wonderful as they are. I think that if you made them into a footstool or table, the wonderfulness would be lost.

  14. What an awesome find! Oh my goodness, you sure find some awesome goodies! I like the suitcase idea. Stacking suitcases on them The crate idea is a good one too! can't wait to see ehat you come up with. Enjoy your Sunday1

  15. Well, you can get some acrylic panels and tile them with mosaic and use as a table/light stand! YOu know, make a box to fit the bottom. Get some outdoor lighting under it and illuminate your patio/porch for gatherings! Just a thought.

  16. I would use them for dollies for REALLY heavy plants that have to be brought inside for the winter, or even just moved to keep in or out of the sun.

  17. I noticed the word "Fairbanks" printed on one of your finds. Fairbanks is a brand of heavy duty scales, so maybe there is a connection. It would be a shame to cover those words since they are part of the past of these great finds.

  18. Wow. Plant stand seems too easy. Love the find. Can't wait to see what you create.


  19. WHAT a find!

    I love the idea of putting an old crate on top OR building one from pallet wood. Also would make a great base for a rolling ottoman/stool. If you had a sofa/console table, they would make AWESOME storage boxes/stools to roll under the table when you need the space.

  20. Absolutely wonderful finds. Whatever you do, make sure as much of the original base shows as possible. Easily done with the one with the wood on top, just add legs and a rustic planked top and you have the coolest 2 tier coffee table ever.
    The Fairbanks one could have a column anchored over the middle open part so the stamped words still show, then maka a tabletop to put on top of the column.
    Oh, the possibilities... I eagerly look forward to what you do, I'm sure it will be awesome!

  21. I don't think this one is pretty, but you can do it better:

    Best wishes from Germany!

  22. Restoration Hardware-esque coffee table!!

  23. I lourve.......these. They look like they could have been dolly's of some sort maybe. I would make a coffee table out of one. They are all the rage right now. Great find. I'm jealous! lol

  24. It appears they have a great old patina! Or is it just because they are still may need to rub on some paste furniture wax over the wood or Old English Polish on the metal parts. Measuring 12"x18" I'd say they are too small to be a coffee table. And stacking anything on top of them would hide all the Awesomeness. For the one with the wood on it, I'd display a small black antique oscillating fan...would look cool Next to the stack of old suitcases. Or put something transparent on it like an antique glass battery jar with a few giant scented pinecones or stems of eucalyptus. A wire basket with a large weave could hold a few small pieces of kindling next to the fireplace. Displayed on the kitchen counter, use an old milk bottle handled wire carrier with mason jars to hold knives and forks, etc. Beta fish in a battery jar shape/size container? Just Fun!

  25. Wow Susan, what a find!! This is what I found:
    This is a Fairbanks Malleable Iron Industrial Platform Truck which came out of a commercial estate and it is in good looking and in working condition. It is the kind of incredibly heavy duty work horse used to move about loads on warehouse and railroad platforms and other floors. These dollies were used to move scales, safes, furniture and many such objects of significant weight. Cast into the top it reads "Fairbanks, Malleable Iron, L1191, No.1 " and it likely dates back to the industrial age of the 1940s or earlier. It measures 4-1/2"x15"x21" with a shipping weight of 28 pounds.
    It's on ebay for $225!!!! Have fun with your dollies!!!!

  26. Wow Pam!
    Thank you so much for looking that up for me! I appreciate your investigation! Wow $225....hmmmm, maybe I don't need mine!

  27. You could probably sell them for a pretty penny or keep them and have the awesomeness for yourself. I would encourage you not to alter them though as they are quite remarkable as is. Wonderful find!

  28. These are so cool! The suitcase idea is my favorite, or any kind of a cool coffee table!

  29. Even if you don't "make" them into something cool, they would be great for moving furniture around. And you wouldn't have to ask somebody sitting in front of the t.v. to help. :@

  30. Awesome finds! I like what people are saying to do with them and agree that you should try to keep as much of the Fairbanks wording showing as possible.

  31. Whatever you decide to do with them will be great - the absolutely best kind of junk - metal, rusty, wheels, strong.
    - Joy

  32. What a great road side find! Use it as coffee table with books or other items stacked up, Laura

  33. Sooo cool!! I love them...and I can't believe you found them by the road!! I think I need to move to your neighborhood ;)


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