Moving the Craft Room!

Remember my excitement when daughter #1 moved to a new apartment and I actually got a room to use for an office and my crafts?

Well here we are a year later....  
Daughter #1 is getting married!
(more about that later) 
And Daughter #2 is moving downstairs... 
Yes... into my craft room.... 

She has decided to stay home to go to college so she will need a larger room. I'm actually not too sad because I will still have a space in her old room, 
it will just be a much smaller space.  

Daughter #2 needs a room to have friends over that is not upstairs where we all sleep... Those of you with teenagers and not enough space in your house might know what I'm talking about....


Right now my wonderful husband is priming and painting the walls in my new room
(What were you thinking Daughter #2? Blood red is hard to paint over!)

So soon the fun will begin.... 
packing up the old craft room....

and moving it into the new space....

Luckily I had a very successful Thrift Store visit yesterday...

Two very useful craft carts... 
brand new! 

Since I'm moving into a much smaller place these will come in very handy!

I decided in an attempt to be more organized I will need to know what is inside each drawer so I printed out labels and attached them to the inside...

Stay tuned... 

Tonight we're painting the room!

We had some Dutch Boy Paint leftover from 
Daughter #3's room make-over so I'm using that!
It is a great color... Soft Terrain!

At least I will have fun re-decorating.



I am Susan, the author and creator at Homeroad. I am a wife of 28 years, the mother of 4 daughters, and the grandmother of 4 grandsons. I am a DIY Blogger and a part time PreK teacher.


  1. Such a good mommy and daddy! Enjoy your new craft room. :)

  2. Great finds in those craft carts, Susan! I still need one more piece for my craft sewing room and I'm debating a cart or small bookcase. I labeled all the new storage drawers I picked up from Walmart to get me organized. Cause if I don't know what's in them they aren't doing me any good, right? : ) Looking forward to seeing you put your new craft room together!

  3. Been trying to organize my craftroom for the longest.....and I usually do pretty well, UNTIL I start working on something....and FORGET to put it up! lol Love the storage that you found while thrifting. Great job.

  4. Have fun painting and moving!! Happy New Year!

  5. I can definitely relate. Mine keep coming and going - one moves out and one moves back. I haven't yet been able to claim my turf and repaint but I realy want to! Your stack of drawers are divine.

  6. Ok-so this is bitter-sweet: bitter in losing space; sweet(when it's all over...) and your new space is clean and neat and organized ("orgd" for short!) : ) Finding the new storage-finding the things you didn't know you had (!i speak from experience!)...hard work, I know-but it will be awesome! See my sister blog --I, too, am going through the same process-only with the whole house!!! Good luck! Best wishes for 2012! Blessings, Sharon


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