A Big Pulley

6:00:00 AM

Do you believe in the Power of Attraction?

 I wanted an old ladder, and BANG I found an old ladder...

Then I wanted an old tool box, and BANG again.... an old tool box!

Well holy moly, I wanted a big old pulley and I stopped
at a garage sale this summer on the way to pick up my kids from the bowling alley and


A beautiful old pulley!
Five bucks!
Now you have to understand, we don't live near any barns...
the chances of finding some of these things in 
suburbia is slim at best....

But I've found most of the things I covet in those 
fancy catalogs...

Power of Attraction???


Here is what I used the pulley for....

I had the chandelier over my kitchen table...
there is no electric, it just holds candles....

Pretty plain, wrought iron...

One day a friend discovered that a bowl would fit perfectly in the center of the circle...

Like this...

Love it there!

And now as my junk-luck would have it.... 
I found this awesome old pulley....

 (These pictures were taken in the summer... How I wish it was summer!)

How lucky can ya get? 
Maybe I should hope to find a pot of gold next!


Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

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  1. How the heck your friend figured out that a bowl would fit in that fixture is beyond me!! Maybe a glass or two of vino was involved!!! lol Happy Sunday!

  2. That pulley works so great to hang your candelier, Susan! I do believe in the power of attraction. Mine doesn't always happen right away, so I sometimes don't realize whats happened until a little bit after.

  3. Love the chandelier from the pulley and the bowl adds just the right touch. The power of attraction I will give it a try... I want to find a dress form, I want to find a dress form..... ❤

  4. Yes! That's too cool, I love it! I wonder if you could do that as well with an electrical chandy... drill out the insides so a cord could go through... hmmm.

  5. Hmmmm....would of loved to have seen you do the "Happy" dance to the car....then when in the car...the "Happy" squeal....You know what I am talking about....we alllll do it...lol

    There have been times...I have not given into my craving for Goodwill...then I hear the direct sound...GO TO GOODWILL....man I do a u-turn and about run in...and there somewhere in the store...is IT! IT....can be what I have been searching, dreaming, or have just decided I need for a project. I calmly...or sometimes divebomb for it..because someone else has seen it. Then I go straight to the front and check out..praying they don't realize that they have priced it to low. And then to the car for the HAPPY squeal.

    Love it...power of attraction...yes I believe. NOw if it only worked for weight loss and large sums of money...lol

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  6. How awesome is that. I have been on the hunt for pulleys, among other things. Times like these I wish my Dad was still alive. Whatever I needed he had, or he would find for me. I Love what you done with it. Looks good with your chandelier. Have a wonderful day!

  7. I love old pulleys! I saw a great way to make a wall hanging light from the new This Old House magazine.

  8. I love them too. And have several..but they are all still functioning on the farm!


  9. Susan, I LOVE your pully ... I have one that I'm always trying to find a place for. I like your idea. On the power of attraction, last year I had blogged about how I met a female reporter that travels with the NY Yankees. I had written that it would be my dream to meet Nick Swisher (outfielder for the Yankees). On March 25th I will be on the field, in the dugout meeting my beloved Yankees. A dream come true. I've been now affirming that I will win the lottery. That it's now my dream, lol.

  10. I LOVE that! Anything industrial is so dreamy!! What a great use!

  11. Shut the door!!! I wanted over a dozen pulleys and found them all at one flea market - gave $1-$3 each. I wanted one of those chandeliers & found one (got it for $1 at a garage sale). This would look so cool in our family room where it hangs. LOVE this idea! I might have to give up one of those pulleys to do that....right now!

  12. Susan-
    I am so jealous! I have been looking for a deal on a chandelier and would love a few pulleys! I love the combination! I just found your blog today and I have a BIG fan!


  13. That looks awesome! I have some old pulleys and have been trying to think of something to do with them! Great Idea!

  14. So darling. I have one too but I paid way more :( Love the way you used it--so cute.

  15. Too fun, love it!! And yes, 5 bucks is a steal :) Laurel


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