Painting a Hutch

This is a post by my friend Laura... 
I've worked with Laura for about 20 years....  
Laura's been a great listener to all of my "blog babble."
For a while there I thought I might have hooked her into writing her own 
cooking blog.... 
but alas, nothing yet...

This summer, Laura texted me and sent this picture... 
she bought this great piece at a yard sale and was excited to paint it and fix it up...

How cute I thought... 
maybe she could use my "expert" help!

Laura told me about an inspiration piece she had at home, she wanted to paint the hutch to match it...

Inspiration piece

Laura also bought a bookshelf and had just finished making it match the hutch too.... 

I really thought she just painted it green....

Until I went over to her house to help her and saw the book shelf!

Holy Moly!
Laura painted, stained, and distressed that bookshelf to look exactly like the inspiration piece!

I guess she doesn't need my help!

Apparently... I could take some lessons from Laura!

As long as I was there I helped her prime the hutch...

We ran into a slight problem... red stain kept coming through the white... after 2 unsuccessful coats, Laura went back to the store and got some really heavy duty stain kill primer.... 
and thank goodness, it worked! 
The red finally stopped coming through.

After I left, Laura continued to work on the hutch... 
(without my expert help) 

She painted different sections of the hutch different colors to match the inspiration piece...

When it was dry, she stained it with a dark glaze...
(she can glaze too!)

And now Laura's dining room is filled with furniture that all matches her inspiration piece...

Inspiration piece


I am Susan, the author and creator at Homeroad. I am a wife of 28 years, the mother of 4 daughters, and the grandmother of 4 grandsons. I am a DIY Blogger and a part time PreK teacher.


  1. Thank you my dear friend. I feel honored to have been featured.

  2. Gorgeous finish!!! Better than the inspiration piece for sure.

  3. That cabinet turned out great, nice job, Laura

  4. Found your blog through the Blog Hop Link Party and so glad I did! Following along via Linky and Google :)

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Great job, Laura!! Looks awesome!

  7. Do you have any advice on using the doors that were on there? I have found so many pieces that have gorgeous pane glass but I would have no idea how to get them off to stain/paint.

  8. It's beuatiful, Susan.

    I have found that many stained pieces will bleed through, even after multiple coats of primer. I mentioned this to my True Value Hardwarian and they recommend oil-based primer when painting over stained pieces. It will block the bleed through. I've tried it and I'll never go back to water-based primer for my stained furniture.

  9. Dang she's good! I'm speechless!

  10. Tell Laura that is one amazing piece of art she created there!


  11. Did you have to strip or sand the wood at all? Or did you just start priming right onto the surface as-is? I have a similar piece that I'm looking to refinish and I really, really don't want to spend hours sanding all the contours and nooks.


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