Found Pillars

5:52:00 PM

An old pillar I found in the trash.  

I drove by and there it was!!

Now it's mine!

It was lovely and chippy, so nice!

The column had been cut in half so there was a raw edge,
I finished it off perfectly with a rusty pail and a wreath.

I'm loving the new look!

Another great road-side find!

Keep throwing that stuff out people because I'm finding it, 
turning it into treasures, and keeping it out of the dump
one project at a time!

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  1. How cool to find that on the side of the road! You lucky girl - all people around here throw away is trash. What are they thinking?!

  2. WOW, what a find! That is super!

  3. What a fun find! People in my neighborhood need to throw out some good stuff because all I see are pizza boxes. Ha ha



  5. You are SO LUCKY! And a great recycler to boot!

  6. I love it! Makes me want to dig out the 4 porch pillars I found a couple years ago and put them to use. Thanks for the motivation! :)

  7. Great score! Nothing makes my day like a good curbside find. You should submit this at!

  8. Perfect, Susan! I think you find more treasures in the garbage than anyone else! : ) Love the way this looks; it would probably be a great outdoor decor piece, too.

  9. Lucky you - that's a great find!!!

  10. Man, I have been trying to just find one at a reasonable price, I'd be downright giddy if I found one in the trash!!


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