This Means War!

I'm having a huge problem with a squirrel...
(at least I think it's a squirrel....)

I have panseys and tulips in urns in front of my house...

Every day when I get home from work the tulip bulbs have been attacked!

I started out by being nice and putting big rocks around the tulips as a deterent...

It didn't work.

Then I tried cat hair, someone told me cat hair would keep them away....

No luck!
The next day the bulbs were dug up again...

So then I tried dirty cat litter... I know gross! 
but someone swore it worked...

it didn't! just smelled bad... 

So then I tried Cayenne pepper.....
I know, I know, it hurts the poor little squirrels' eyes....

Well here is what I found when I got home today...
I guess they could still see what they were doing!

This was clear across the driveway...

So next I'm trying this fence....

Now I have an urn with beat up flowers, 
huge rocks, dirty cat litter, hair balls, and Cayenne pepper...
surrounded by a sharp fence...

It's so not pretty!

Does anyone know anything that will really work?

I'm ready to sit in the bushes with a shot gun...

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I am Susan, the author and creator at Homeroad. I am a wife of 28 years, the mother of 4 daughters, and the grandmother of 4 grandsons. I am a DIY Blogger and a part time PreK teacher.


  1. Hahaha. Sounds like my epic Squirrel battle of '05. I'm not sure who actually won, but I like to think it was me. Good luck and I hope you find a solution. My battle was me trying to protect the bird feeder.

  2. There is a commercial "Keep animals away" product that I have seen in the garden stores. I think I might try that! Here is a site with interesting ideas too!,default,pg.html

    Good luck!

  3. The only thing I've found that really works is an overactive ornrey little terrier. Shotgun works pretty well too... ;-)

  4. I have the same problem with squirrels.... imagine trying to get grass to grow in your yard! I tried moth balls last year and that was a bust. My grandmother suggested we start trapping them and taking them to another location - but I just invisioned my husband being biten by a squirrel. We just purchased a product at lowes that is supposed to get all animals out of your pots. it was about $15.... which is pretty pricey but the squirrel already got about three plants this year alone. Hopefully it will work!

  5. Good luck! If you live in the city you may want to limit things to a bb gun!

  6. Miss Squirrel thought our mailbox was a great place to build her nest. I cleaned out shredded mail DAILY. Until I thought, what about what cats don't like? Mothballs? I hung one of those toilet bowl doodads on the inside door of my mailbox. Smells like moth balls, must be the same 50 cents it was worth a try...well...IT WORKED. Genius, I say!

  7. I know you don't need laughter over the issue, but I'm LAUGHING. Maybe if you think of the cute squirrel as a member of the rodent family it won't be so hard to eliminate him. In your very best Clint Eastwood voice you can say.... Go ahead squirrel, make my day.


  8. Squirrels are going to go right over your fence pieces. Try moth balls, or garlic. Maybe lure them away with something tasty far away from the pots? Next year put the fence over the pot and allow the plants to grow up through it, but keeps the little paws from digging in the dirt.

  9. Ha ha! I feel your pain. Come annual plantin' time in my yard, I swear those little monsters sit and wait for me to turn my back so they can come dig in the fresh dirt. Naughty naughty.

  10. I have horrible squirrels who take my basil, lavender and whatever they want in my yard. I put wire around my planters. I also break thrift store plates and put them jagged side up in the dirt around the plants. It doesn't hurt the little darlings but it seems to keep them from digging. I also have a terrier who chases them away when she's outside. Good Luck!

  11. Hi Susan,
    The cat of a friend of mine thought that the large flower pots were his toilets so
    she put a lot of wood sticks (like the ones for barbecue) in the pot. It is not
    very decorative but very useful (sorry for my English !).
    Have a Happy Easter,

  12. not funny, but you made me laugh this morning when i read your post!!!!! i have no advice but thank you for the giggle!!!

  13. It's too late for this year, but for next year you can cover the bulbs with squirrel barrier. You can get this wire mesh at the hardware store. It's also called hardware cloth. It is very firm wire mesh with holes about a half inch big.

    Excavate so your bulbs are exposed. Cover them with squirrel barrier so there is at least 6-8 inches on all sides. Cover everything with dirt again. When the bulbs come up, their little stalks will come up through the wires.

    If you live in a no-frost zone, you can plant winter blooming plants or vegetables on top of the bulbs (and, on top of the wire cloth)

    You can also try planting daffs among the tulips; squirrels don't eat those, I believe they are poisonous.

  14. Oh, I feel your pain! The squirrels are rampant in our area and not afraid of anything. I''m afraid the animal rights people will hunt me down but I say go ahead get put the shot gun!

  15. I had that problem and learned it wasn't squirrels, but a chipmunk. The only way I got rid of those was getting a dog, who must have caught them or scared them away.

  16. Oh my! I have squirrel issues here to. It's the same one. He sits on the fence and taunts the dog all day long. And my next door neighbor (who is sweet as pie and the best neighbor) but she insists on feeding the squirrels peanuts which they proceed to bury in all my flower boxes and beds!



  17. Hi there! I found your blog through a google search of a diy firepit and can't stop reading! Anyway, we also have a terrible time with squirrels; my brother-in-law swears by "Critter Ridder". He said it works as a great deterrent but doesn't harm the little guys (which I'm a fan of). We haven't tried it yet as we at least got them out of our attic (ugh)! Good luck with your squirrel problem!

  18. We have chipmunks who dig up the planters every year. I solve the problem by surrounding the plants with small clay pots that I lay on their sides; close enough that they're touching, but allowing the plants to grow through them. It works, and it also looks decorative!


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