Crazy Junk Lady

I have a question....

Do you tell your friends about your blog?

Not your follower friends of course...
but your 
real life friends?

Do the people at work know what you do
for fun

How about the neighbors
Do they hide behind their curtains and watch you drag old broken things out of the back of your car? 

Do they see you photographing every step and wonder why on earth you would need a picture of a half painted dresser? 

I thought about this today when a blog friend mentioned that she doesn't tell her real life friends about her blog...

I also went for about nine months and told only one real life friend about my blog.(
hey Laura!) 
I waited for a while to see what she thought, how she reacted... 

Did she still want to hang out with me?

 I also told my parents...
Did they think my kids had finally driven 
me over the edge? 

I mean really... 
sometimes my mother looks at me with her head cocked to one side and just smiles and nods...

Does that mean she is secretly gathering information for the men in the white coats?

I was very worried that everyone would think 
I was crazy!

"You find junk on the side of the road and do what with it?"

"You actually like rust?"


Would they see the art in it like I do?
(It is some kind of art isn't it?)

As a seasoned teacher in a 
prestigious private school... 
Do they know I play with power tools 
on the weekend?

Would they think I was starting 
to lose my mind?
you know I am getting a little older...
are they whispering behind my back?

Would they think of me as that 
crazy junk lady?

Now a year and a half later, 
through word of mouth, or maybe just 
idle gossip...
I think almost everyone I know 
has at least seen 

I've let them into my private creative passion and found that I have many supportive friends and neighbors...they readily volunteer to give me their old junk. 
(is that a good thing????)

I even get text message "curb alerts" most weekends from someone I know...

I think I've convinced at least some people that re-purposing junk is a form of 
artistic expression.
(stress relief, therapy, self-absorption call it what you will)

So whisper away... 
I'm having fun, staying busy,
keeping out of trouble...

and hey... 

I was on National TV!

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I am Susan, the author and creator at Homeroad. I am a wife, mother of 4 daughters, and a grandmother of 5 and counting. I am a retired teacher, a DIY blogger and an artist at heart. .


  1. I know just what you mean...Although I don't have a blog, I am a mail carrier and bring things back from my routes on trash day all the time to work on. People I work with just shake their heads, some ask questions, and I'm sure most whisper. I feel like they just don't know what they're missing out on! (free stuff?? Hell yes!!)

  2. I love junk too! I think people and my family look at me sometimes like I'm losing my marbles, but then I create and they are amazed! ;)Alyssa of Boston Bee

  3. Congratulations on your stardom!!!! That is so awesome.

  4. You were on TV! That means you're perfectly normal ;-)
    It actually makes me uncomfortable when "real life" friends comment on my blog--I do worry what they think! They say nice things to my face, but who knows what's going on in their heads??
    Seems to be a common problem among bloggers ;-)

  5. LOL...I still don't tell most friends about my little Blog and if I do I don't mention the name of it. Holding down 3 jobs that actually pay, I also don't mention that I just opened a little booth in the variety mall....I know they would think I have lost it (sometime I think that too)!!

  6. hey wow, congratulations! I haven't told a single sole that I have a blog, I've had it for nearly 2 years now!

  7. I have a blog friend that does everything she can to keep people from knowing her online identity, and her online friends knowing her true identity. lol
    I blab junk and blog to anyone who will listen! :)

    friends and family are very generous with passing their unwanted junk my way!

  8. Your question made me laugh, as I really haven't shared my blog at all. My friends know all my secrets, yet this one is just...... different somehow. Word is starting to get out now though, although in the UK blogging is not so common as in the US so it is thought to be very strange - writing and sharing your home, thoughts, dreams, projects with complete strangers. Funny how though it seems one of the best things I've ever done. x

  9. So cute! Great observations. I really think that if I saw one of my neighbors photographing a "half painted dresser", I might just think he/she had a blog....eventually. :) You are one of the very few (and by "very few", I mean five) blogs I've saved on my toolbar. Keep up the great work. You've inspired me on several occasions!

  10. Only a handful of my real life friends know I have a blog. I spend so much time at thrift stores I'm betting they'd think I was crazy. I laughed at the do people think you're strange taking photos of stuff. I get the craziest looks when I'm takong pics on my phone of teak dining chairs and nik naks on the shelves.

  11. Good for you Susan. You deserve it. Your blog is fab.



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