Smelly little Pumpkins

I told you about these last year,
I love them so much I
ordered them again.... 

and this year gave them out as little gifts to my friends.

I put a scoop of the mix into a vintage butter mold
and wrapped it in cellophane. 

How easy and adorable is that?

How cute are these little pumpkins????

They are called putka pods....

 They are miniature pumpkin shaped seed pods from India. 

They are used for holiday decoration and crafts.

These were new to me last year and let me tell you.... 
they smell so great!  Like cinnamon

This year Harvest Moon Prims has a primitive scented harvest putka mix with acorn melts and rose hips...

this combination  smells wonderful!

The pods are died orange and look exactly like little pumpkins. 

I've also seen them in yellowred and green for fall decorating....

I put mine in a mason jar with a black and white 
photo of a crow...

it made a great Halloween photo display!

There are a zillion decorating ideas for these little cuties!

How about adding them to a wreath or stringing them like cranberries for garland?

I bought my pudka pods from 


and I am happy to share this great shop just 
because I love everything she sells!

Enjoy my finds!



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