Hurricane Sandy Help

Today is the 2nd week of no work. 
Our schools are 
still closed due to Hurricane Sandy...

The lines to get gas at the stations here on Long Island have 2 or 3 hour waits! Many stations are closed due to power outages. It isn't unusual for people to wait 2 hours only to find out that when they get close, the station is out of gas. No joke!

 I'm very thankful, I am one of the lucky ones.  I have electricity and heat... many here, even at the end of my block are still without power and heat after 9 days! And it is cold!

170,000 on LI are still without power!

Yesterday my friend Laura and I drove to the South Shore of Long Island to help a friend from school. We brought her logs for her fireplace and a warm meal. My friend and her family live on a canal, their house was flooded. 
Half of her house was saved but the other half needs to be gutted. 

She was lucky, her house was still standing, many, many are not.

What hit me more than the destruction that the Hurricane caused, was the destruction people are causing. The residents of these communities and the devastated communities of Staten Island and NJ are being looted!  Strangers are breaking into their empty houses and helping themselves to anything that is left! It is heartbreaking that humans can cause such pain to others. The residents of these damaged communities are staying in their cold homes so they won't lose what is left of their possessions. 

Police are on the streets but they can't be everywhere, there is so much devastation. There is a dawn to dusk curfew in effect for the south shore to hopefully keep strangers out of these neighborhoods.

To add insult to injury we are being hit with a Nor'easter today. Sixty mph wind gusts, snow & sleet... 
Many low lying places are being evacuated... again!

If you have not already done so, please consider giving to the
 Red Cross. There are so many in need in this area.


Thank you for your donations and for your prayers!


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