Little House and a Lunch Pail

Who didn't love
Little House on the Prairie?
I was their number one fan.

I watched it every time it was on. I cried every time it was on too. 

I was so emotional that my mother embroidered the words "crying towel" onto a hand towel so I could use it to cry on. 

I had the Little House on the Prairie lunch box too....
(too bad I didn't save that!)

I loved that the girls carried their lunches to school on the show in lunch pails not lunch boxes.

That's is just what I was thinking when I found this adorable
vintage pail.

I love the natural aged patina of this pail...

No antiquing solutions on this baby but if you want to create one then click that link and I can show you how. 

There are a thousand things to do with this tin besides using it for lunch. I'm filling it with pinecones for now. 

What would you do with it? 

I love it when something sparks a few very happy Memories!

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