My Day Job and Jackson Pollock

9:04:00 AM

Don't be jealous... but this is my day job!

I am one of the lucky teachers of preschool children.

In our class we learn about an artist a month...

and this month it was Jackson Pollock.

To say that we had fun and got messy is an understatement.
(don't worry... we prepared the parents in advance)

The children each painted a t-shirt by throwing the paint 
at the shirt... they had a blast!

A few of the children even had paint on their backs and 
behind their ears...

Some had their own very unique painting styles...

The shirts came out awesome!

I had to get into the act... 
I saw this chair sitting there and I just couldn't resist...

By the time I was finished I had the whole class wanting me to come over and splatter paint the furniture in their rooms...

It was a great day that was finished off with pizza and ice cream...

Do I have the best job or what??!!


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  1. Looks like fun...I just might try it at my summer camp!! Pinned in it On my "Kids arts and crafts" board.
    Thanks fro the inspiration!

  2. That is so wonderful. The kids will never forget this project!

  3. What fun! You've provided a memory that will last a lifetime.

  4. Looks like a lot of FUN!
    The shirts turned out wonderful and I Love the little chair!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Susan!

  5. HA ! That looks like it was a blast! :)

  6. What a great way for the kids to learn. You know they will always remember who Jackson Pollack was! You do have the best job Susan!

    Enjoy your Sunday.
    Hugs… Tracy@CottonPickinCute

  7. FUN!!! I bet your are the best teacher...lucky kids :)
    My daughter just had her preschool graduation...sniff, sniff...

  8. If they promise you ice cream after you splatter paint their rooms I'd say you could have the best summer ever!


  9. What a clever idea and such a healthy outlet for children's (and adults)creativity. Kudos to you and your aspiring artists!

  10. how fun! we painted a LOT of different ways in my class, but nothing that looks like this much fun! :)

    love the t's and the chair!

    fun pics, thanks for sharing. I hope you have a great summer Susan!



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