Repurposing a Grain Sack Pillow for the Bedroom

This post is for everyone that emailed me asking about
the red striped pillow shown in my header.

Creating a Grain Sack Pillow for the Bedroom

This beautiful super-sized pillow was too good to pass up on clearance even though I didn't own a pillow large enough to fit inside.

Designing a grain sack pillow for the bed

The pillow case had beautiful detail! It was originally over $100!

The $10 price tag was good enough for me!

A quick no-sew fix was all it needed.

Redesigning the perfect grain sack pillow

I put a pillow inside that was roughly half the size as the pillow case.

Grain sack pillow redesign

I folded the case in half around the pillow and used velcro to secure the fold.

velcro closure on a grain sack pillow

That is all it took and now that clearance find is perfect as an accent pillow on the bed!

Grain sack pillow for the bedroom

red striped Grain sack pillow for the bedroom

Just thinking outside of that box again!

Sneak peek:
In this small space I'm using a 

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