Our Cheapo Tree

Choosing the right Christmas tree can get be stressful... 
We don't have very good luck with trees.

Artificial Christmas Tree www.homeroad.net

In our house we've had all kinds of Christmas tree issues...

One year we had to cut so much off our tree farm tree
just to get it in the door that it was no longer shaped like a 
Christmas Tree... More like a can of soup.

Artificial Christmas Tree www.homeroad.net

Another year we had an artificial tree that
someone gave us that was so wide, we couldn't walk
around it in our house. 

And then there was one that quite simply reminded us of a
Charlie Brown tree...

One year the tree trunk was so crooked that it fell down, not once but two times and broke most of our glass ornaments. 

Artificial Christmas Tree www.homeroad.net
jello bell ornament

We ended up having to tie it to the wall that year. 

As you can see... 
We don't have the best luck with Christmas trees.

This year while my daughter was out shopping,
 she picked out a new artificial tree for us. 

Artificial Christmas Tree www.homeroad.net

The tree was a Black Friday sale at Target for $30.00.
She liked it and thought we needed it, 
so she brought it home.... and we went with it.

Artificial Christmas Tree www.homeroad.net

The first thing I had to do was to put it up on a small table because a 6' tree is not as tall as you might think.  

I added a crate to the bottom and filled it with grain sack fabric.
I knocked the back off the crate so the tree stand would fit inside.

Artificial Christmas Tree www.homeroad.net

And then we decorated it. 

Artificial Christmas Tree www.homeroad.net

We happily discovered that not only does the cheap 
little tree fit in our home perfectly... 
but it is one of the prettiest trees we've had so far.

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I am Susan, the author and creator at Homeroad. I am a wife, mother of 4 daughters, and a grandmother of 5 and counting. I am a retired teacher, a DIY blogger and an artist at heart. .


  1. Oh...dito with the tree stories. We totally had one fall and break the glass candles. I went with fake trees after that. $30 is a great price and nobody needs a "Griswald" tree...unless you are the Griswalds.

  2. I think it looks really pretty---and for all those expensive glamorous trees, that just aren't all that attainable for regular folk unless you have an unlimited budget handed to you. (ie Michaels dream tree challenge)

  3. Your tree is beautiful! It looks like a picture from a magazine!


  4. Our problem with trees is really more of a problem with never having working lights. Every year we buy new lights and by the next year they never work. Your tree looks lovely!

  5. We have had a tree fall over twice, now. The last time was just last year. Sure makes a mess in the middle of the night, but thankfully none of my favorite memories smashed and broke. I think any tree no matter what it cost looks beautiful decorated with the lights and the memories.

  6. It's perfect! The crate adds such a nice rustic touch!


  7. What a gorgeous tree! Love it in the crate, and you decorated it beautifully! Enjoy!


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