Lattice Stenciled Wooden Cigar Box

An extra large wooden cigar box becomes a beautiful box for my linens...

I used an old wooden cigar box ...

The paint is a beautiful color but like most paint with chalk in it, the color of the wood can bleed through the paint. In this case the light blue paint turned green from the bleed through of the red wood. 

A solution to this problem is to coat the wood with shellac. 
I used Zinsser spray shellac over the discolored paint that then re-applied the chalky paint. 

Problem solved!

The next step was to use a dry brush and stencil white paint onto the top of the box using a lattice stencil similar to this one.

The rough texture of the wood gives the lattice stencil a feminine but rustic look.

When the stencil paint was dry I drilled a hole for a decorative knob for the front of the cigar box.

I'm using this pretty rustic box for cloth napkins in my home but it would work in the bathroom for hand towels, makeup, or bath accessories.

In case you missed the other extra large cigar box makeover, you can see it here.

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