Fleur de Lis Storage Box

This beautiful treasure box started out life as vintage silverware storage...

Fleur de Lis Storage Box www.homeroad.net

A large heavy box with a front drawer gets 2 coats of Fusion Mineral Paint in Aubusson a beautiful light yellow.

Fusion Mineral paint goes on smoothly with great coverage and no sanding or priming is needed.

Two coats was plenty to cover this dark wood box and the best part is that no waxing or sealer is needed.

When the paint dried I heavily distressed the top and edges of the box. 

Fleur de Lis Storage Box www.homeroad.net

On the inside of the box I'm using grain sack fabric wrapping paper. 

I cut pieces to fit both inside the drawer and in the top area. 

I decoupaged the paper onto the surface by first painting a coat of Decou-Page by DecoArt on the inside of the drawer. 

Fleur de Lis Storage Box www.homeroad.net

I smoothed the paper onto the Decou-Page then smoothed out the bubbles with a rubber brayer. 

Another coat of Decou-Page is applied over the top of the paper as a sealer.

Fleur de Lis Storage Box www.homeroad.net

After the decoupaging was finished I stenciled a fleur de lis stencil to the top of the box.

The stencil is also a product of DecoArt from their Americana line of stencils.

Fleur de Lis Storage Box www.homeroad.net

Fleur de Lis Storage Box www.homeroad.net

The box got a good sanding to distress the stencil then I used a dark glaze over the entire surface to age the finish.

It now has a beautiful antiqued patina.

Fleur de Lis Storage Box www.homeroad.net

Fleur de Lis Storage Box www.homeroad.net

I added a small keyhole bling to the front of the box and this gorgeous French beauty can again be used to hold special serving pieces in the kitchen or is even pretty enough to be used as a jewelry box on your dresser.

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  1. I have a box just like that out in our storage waiting for inspiration as to what I want to do with it. I'll be using some chalk paint to paint it and most likely find some paper I love for inside and drawer. Must have been meant to be for me to read your blog post tonight to inspire me to finally tackle that box.
    Your box is perfect as far as I'm concerned, it's such a great idea. Will have to go dig it out tomorrow. The heck with house cleaning. Have couple end tables in storage also to do. Have to be in right state of mind to tackle projects. Been too hot out to try things this summer, no garage or basement to work in. BEtter get to bed so I can get good start tomorrow. Happy weekend


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