The Top Five Top Viewed Posts at Homeroad

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Here are the top 5 projects from Homeroad.

The funny thing about these 5 projects is that not one of them was actually written this year so I guess I should call it Homeroad's top 5 projects of all time.

Here you go in descending order... 

Number 5 with the most page views this year was my stocking ladder.  It's a great idea that solves the problem of where to hang your Christmas stockings if you don't have a fireplace. 

The Top Five Top Viewed Posts at Homeroad

I guess people weren't too concerned with good photos because this post written several years ago had some bad photos!

Speaking of good photos... 

Number 4 was my Honoring Long Marriages. This post was once again written in years past but loved once again in my stats for 2016. And yes that is us... 26 years ago!

In this post I'm showing how I display black and white wedding photos in my home from generations past right through to my own family photos, which I'm going to need to update real soon!

Number 3 was my DIY Dog Fence.  I have to say that I've tried many different dog fences in this old dog's 14 year life and the very best one was the one I built myself for this odd shaped kitchen space. 

The Top Five Top Viewed Posts at Homeroad

This fence is easy to make with found lumber and inexpensive hardware cloth. I've been using it in my home for years now and it's still going strong. 

Number 2 was Ikea Cart Remake.

This post took place at 5am where a certain mother of the house was banging, sawing, sanding and causing a general ruckus one morning. 

And now for number 1. This post has been the top viewed post of all time on Homeroad for 5 years running. 

It is our post on How to Build a Fire Pit. This post has been shared, pinned, and featured on several notable places around the web. 

The Top Five Top Viewed Posts at Homeroad

My husband and I spent several days transforming a muddy corner of our yard into a beautiful place where our teen children can bring their friends and have a blast.  This project is for the beginner and can be done inexpensively and in a weekend. I think the reason for it's popularity is that it is a true DIY, nothing too fancy or costly. 

Thanks for following along and have a wonderful weekend!

The Top Five Top Viewed Posts at Homeroad

Happy New Year!

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