Having Fun With Chalkola Chalk Markers

       I'm trying something new today!
Chalkola Premium Wet Wipe Markers.

 Chalkola Chalk Marker Fun. Homeroad.net

I love making repurposed chalkboards, doing crafts and learning new things including most recently, hand lettering. 

Chalkola supplied me with these markers.
This is a paid endorsement and all opinions are mine.

As a teacher I love the idea of creating colorful drawings and lettering then being able to erase and start again.

Today I have the opportunity to share with you a product I am reviewing, Chalkola Chalk Markers

**This is a sponsored post. 

 Chalkola Chalk Marker Fun. Homeroad.net

The Chalkola company sent me both the regular chalk pens, the set of earthy colors and 6 metallic markers. 

 Chalkola Chalk Marker Fun. Homeroad.net

According to the manufacturer, these chalkboard markers are child safe, water based, non toxic, low odor, acid free, xylene free, and if all of that isn't enough... Moms, it washes out of your clothes! 

Chalkola recommends these chalk markers for all non- porous surfaces. They can be used on car and home windows, wine glasses, chalkboards, whiteboards, and plastic. 

Here is where I want to caution you.... I would not use these markers on a chalk painted chalkboard. The pigment will leach into the porous paint and not erase completely. If this should happen try a magic eraser to try and remove the shadow. 

I used a pre-made chalkboard to make the DIY menu board below.

You can buy the pre-made chalkboard at Home Depot. 

The pre-made chalkboard is non-porous and can be erased. I would however, test each marker color on an inconspicuous place to be sure the markers on your pre-made chalkboard erase. 

 Chalkola Chalk Marker Fun Menu Board. Homeroad.net

You can read all about How to Stencil a Chalkboard HERE.

You can also read all about my Easy Framed Chalkboard Tips HERE.

Once again Chalkola markers washed off so the menu board could be used again and again. 

When you first open these markers the tips are white. 

The markers need to be primed for a few minutes by pushing the tip down gently on a piece of paper to get the chalk liquid flowing. This only needs to be done before the first use. 

Chalkola markers are super easy and smooth to write with and they erase completely when used on a non porous surface. 

The colors in the original pack are bright and bold, the colors in the earthy colors are slightly muted and easy on the eyes!

The small pack of metallic markers they sent are great too, my favorites were the silver and gold! 

Don't think for one minute that the kids won't love these! 

As soon as I opened the box I had a willing artist ready to try them. 

My grandson loved them! 

To test these markers on several surfaces, I gave the chalk markers a go on glass. 

My daughter and I decorated the window in our kitchen with the chalk markers and they worked great! 

 Chalkola Chalk Marker Window Fun. Homeroad.net

Now... Have you ever been to a party and put down your glass? 

What about personalizing your glass with Chalkola markers? Do this and always know which one is yours! 

 Chalkola Chalk Marker Wine glass Fun. Homeroad.net

These wine glasses are plastic and the marker washed right off when I washed the glasses. 

Bring out chalk markers at your next party and have fun festively decorating the glasses (or the windows) for any occasion. The kids will love to help!

Lastly I brought the markers into my Pre K class and they had a ball using them on dry erase boards. 

They had a ball! 

 Chalkola Chalk Marker white board Fun. Homeroad.net

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Chalkola supplied me with these markers.
This is a paid endorsement and all opinions are mine.


I am Susan, the author and creator at Homeroad. I am a wife, mother of 4 daughters, and a grandmother of 5 and counting. I am a retired teacher, a DIY blogger and an artist at heart. .


  1. How fun! I love pens...and your handwriting is perfect. You make it all look so easy!!


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