❤️ DIY Printed Valentine Ribbon

       Love is in the air!

Hand Printed Vintage Valentine Ribbon. Homeroad.net

This project was originally shared in 2013, I thought it about time we take another look!

Today is the 10th of the month so I'm sharing my friends at Ten on the Tenth. 

We are sharing DIY Valentine gifts for under $10 and to start you off, here is mine...

I used a roll of vintage cotton twill tapemini stamps, and a pencil eraser for this project.

Hand Printed Vintage Ribbon. Homeroad.net

I created beautiful vintage ribbon for Valentine packages, 
or holiday decor... print out any words for any occasion!

printed valentine ribbon on cotton fabric. Homeroad.net

I began by taping the mini letter stampers to form Valentine words.

The letters L O V E are held together in a straight line with painters tape

I chose letters for this word that were not all the same font for interest.

love stampers stamped on cotton ribbon. Homeroad.net

Next I cut a heart into a pencil eraser using an X-Acto knife.

heart shaped pencil eraser for printing. Homeroad.net

The ink pad I used for this project is an StazOn ink padit is permanent and doesn't smear on most non-porous surfaces.

stays on ink pad for printing on fabric. Homeroad.net

I printed the word "love" down the length of my seam binding then went back and printed a heart between every word.

Love ribbon on cotton seam binding. Homeroad.net

The results are simply adorable! ❤️

Love words printed on cotton seam binding. Homeroad.net

I packaged the ribbon in 3 yard packs and sold them all. ❤️

. Homeroad.net

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❤️ Happy Valentine's Day! ❤️

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