DIY Pizzas on the Barbecue Recipe

You never know who is going to be home for dinner on the weekends at Homeroad so we love to make quick and easy dinners. Today my DIY is a quick pita pizza on the barbecue.
DIY Pizzas on the Barbecue

I have 2 daughters home this summer, 2 daughters that are married with children, and a few assorted pets, so life in my house is always hopping. 
Today we had a beautiful day on the local beach with our new kayaks. It's my new favorite summertime thing to do! After the beach I headed to the grocery store for ingredients to make a DIY pizza party for tonight. 

Grocery List:
  • pita bread
  • mushrooms
  • onions
  • pasta sauce
  • mozzarella cheese
  • ricotta cheese
  • rotisserie chicken
  • buffalo hot sauce
  • spinach
As I unpacked the ingredients, everyone got involved to make a fun DIY pizza dinner on the barbecue. 

Daughter #4 had her boyfriend visiting for the weekend so my husband, the cook, wanted to make him a fun dinner.  In our house I am the shopper and my husband is the cook. That is short for saying I stand around with my glass of wine and supervise. 
DIY Pizzas on the Barbecue Recipe

Daughter #3 was in charge of the buffalo chicken. She shredded a rotisserie chicken then added buffalo sauce, gave it a quick stir and then sprinkled it on the pizza. 
DIY Pizzas on the Barbecue Recipe for Fun

We whipped up pizzas of all kinds; margarita, ricotta and spinach, mushroom and onion, and plain. In total we made about 10 pizzas! 

I am doing Weight Watchers this summer so I had my mushroom pizza on a Joseph's Flax and whole wheat pita bread with fat free mozzarella at only 2 point each! 

My husband made each pizza on a round of pita bread then cooked them on the outdoor grill. It only took minutes to crisp the pita and melt the cheese. 
Pizzas on the Barbecue Recipe for Fun

The outdoor table was set and the pizzas looked amazing! Within minutes of sitting down daughter #2 and one of her babies showed up, great timing! Pull up and chair and grab a plate! Luckily we made enough pizzas for a small army.
Pizzas on the Barbecue Recipe

I covered the pizzas with my favorite food canopies that cost only a few dollars and are great to keep the bugs off the food! 
Pizzas on the Barbecue Recipe for the Family

Our DIY dinner was a huge success, everyone loved the barbecued pizzas! As you can see there wasn't much leftover.
DIY Pizzas on the Barbecue Recipe for the Family

Hope you enjoyed a little peek into our weekend how to make easy DIY barbecue pizzas. 

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