Do it Yourself Teacher's Easel

If you are a teacher or a home school mom, you may be at the end of your rope right now. Our world has changed and now is the time to think out of the box. 
Do it Yourself Teacher's Easel

Like most teachers right now, I am teaching from home. 

Teaching preschool I might add. As difficult as it might be to keep a three year old interested and involved we are going to try! 

As the situation would have it, I don't have many props, books, or supplies at home right now. 

I'm doing what I can to order what I need but that gets expensive. 

Today I'm going to give you a little look inside my brain. 

When I needed an easel and display for my teaching materials, I headed to the basement. 

There I found a few items I put together to create what I needed. 
Do it Yourself Teacher's Easel from Scraps
The leg of a broken children's picnic bench, you can see what I did with the seat part by following this bold link. 

Two scrabble racks, a 2" by 4" scrap of wood and a can of spray paint. I attached all the pieces together with tiny nails and wood glue

I spray painted the piece when it was finished and decorated it with Washi tape
Do it Yourself Teacher's Easel with a cookie sheet
I grabbed a couple of cookie sheets (the clean ones) from my kitchen and sat them on the easel. It was perfect! 

I printed out what I needed from the internet, a big thank you to for this sweet printable. 

I also used an inexpensive home laminator to laminate the pages to keep in a notebook.
DIY Classroom Teacher's Easel with a cookie sheet
I know you probably don't have a children's picnic bench in your stash but look around and see what you do have. 

Here is one I made with a piece of picket fence, a 2"x4", and a scrabble rack.
DIY Classroom Teacher's Easel

Think outside of the box for what you need to teach your children! 
Put your super powers to work during this trying time for the kids! 
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DIY Classroom Teacher's Easel with Game
Hide the fish game: Children try to guess under which rock you hid the fish. 

Thanks for visiting Homeroad and please everyone, stay safe and stay home

It isn't easy being home all the time but think of it as being safe at home

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