Friday, October 7, 2011

White Painted Baskets

Wisteria is showing these white dipped baskets....
 and I'm loving them...
so I got some large willow baskets from the thrift store...

wrapped some painters tape around them...

and started painting....

Then hung them on a tree to dry...

I took the tape off and touched up my "straight" 
line a little bit with a thin brush.

The white bottoms instantly turned my thrift store baskets into something special...

And now they're hanging from a beam in my kitchen. 

Don't those white bottoms look great from down here?


  1. The baskets look lovely with the white against the dark!

  2. I think they look great. What we do without paint?

  3. It's still so lush and green where you live! Love the basket idea. Can imagine taking this in many directions. Red, white and blue for national holidays. Red and green for Christmas and so on....

  4. Amazing what adding the paint at the bottom of the basket can do! Looks great!
    Catching up on other posts the tray redo and the table is awesome!!!

  5. Those are lovely and your photos are great!

  6. Love them! Getting a straight line on those baskets couldn't have been easy!

  7. What a fun idea! Your baskets turned out awesome!

  8. Really lovely! Gotta show you WHAT I DID!!! Will be posting on my blog soon! I will say, I went "thrifting" and found some GREAT items!! LOL
    You inspired me!

  9. love the hack and how these turned out.

  10. I love the look of painted baskets and will be featured on this weeks Amaze Me Monday :D

  11. I love them! Did you use any particular paint? I am very new to all this.


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