A Transfer Experiment on Wicker

I wondered if the transfer method I used to transfer a computer image to a garden pot would work on wicker.

I started with this old wicker tray.

I had nothing to lose with this one so I spray painted the 
whole thing gray with flat primer.

I printed out an image from Graphics Fairy and had my 
daughter help me cut it out and apply Modge Podge to the ink side of the image.

We flipped the image over, stuck it to the tray then let it dry overnight.

In the morning I wet the paper and rubbed with my fingers to remove the paper.

Then I let it dry.

There was a white film where the paper was and I got a little worried.

But I wet the film and rubbed some more.

I sprayed the whole tray with Perma Clear which made any residue disappear completely.

This was totally an experiment and I think it was pretty successful.

I was happy to see I could get the same look on a wicker tray. 
I think the possibilities are endless.

I'm happy with the results, the image transfer worked pretty well considering it was done on wicker...

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