Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Candy Cane Ornaments

First let me start by saying that
if you are related to me, and going to a certain party on Saturday, stop reading right now....
The following is a secret!

These very nice carved candy canes came from

I bought them for myself last year and I'm buying 
them for gifts this year.

I started by writing names and the year,
 using a paint pen on each 
candy cane.

I made a bow with a length of jute and finished it off 
with a mini rusty clothespin.

The candy cane is attached to Christmas paper with a small glue dot.

Each ornament is wrapped in a little cello bag with a vintage label...

Now they're ready for all the cousins at the family 
Christmas party...

But until then, they're put away.... shhhhh!


Beyond The Picket Fence In The Old Road


  1. What a wonderful gift idea! So neat.

  2. Great gift idea, Susan! I love how you personalized them!

  3. What a really sweet gift idea! I promise not to tell any of your relatives. ;)


  4. no peeking, eh? That would never work around here. As soon as someone tells me not to look, I DO!
    your candy cane ornaments are adorable susan! Love the extra TLC you put in them.

  5. Nothing beats a homemade gift at Christmas, and candy is as much fun to make, as it is to receive. Moreover, candy is love... :)

  6. Where did you find the candy canes?

    1. Candy Canes came from Terry's Village... above it the link :)

  7. Those are cute Susan, but when I first saw them my head said..... "oh mannnn, Susan made wood candy canes!". I'm relieved you didn't make them, because I want some and if I add one more thing to Brawns list Santas gonna put him on the naughty list for what he says to me.


  8. Wherever did you find the wooden candy canes? They are precious!

    1. the candy canes came from Terry's village... the link is above. Thanks

  9. What a cute idea. Thanks for sharing at the All Star Block Party. I am featuring it at tonight's party.



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